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About UK Poker

U.K. Residents Are Free To Play Online Poker To Their Heart’s Content

The gambling model in the United Kingdom is probably the best in the world, given that they have achieved the goal of having gambling and online gambling being legal without the heavy handed tactics that some other countries have used.

Gambling laws in the U.K. do provide some real oversight in order to ensure that it is offered without abuse, and that the rights of all parties are protected, and they achieve this without the undue interference with the industry that can result from regulation.

So in other words, gambling is regulated in the U.K., but it is not overregulated.  The government oversees this and issues licenses to operators and looks to keep things fair and keep criminal elements away, and also protects gambling operators by creating and enforcing penalties against players for fraud and other abuses.

In terms of the online poker world, most online poker sites offering play to U.K. residents are based offshore and while there has been an effort lately to try to collect taxes from these offshore sites, for the most part it’s been pretty much a hands off affair.

In reality, the U.K. Gambling Commission regulates domestic gambling, although their liberal stance to it does not give offshore sites any pause when offering play to U.K. residents, and they can play wherever they wish, and are welcomed with open arms by all.  With the trend toward more conservative approaches by online poker rooms, where the list of countries that are no longer served by certain poker rooms has grown quite a bit, this is not an issue here and likely will not be in the future either.

U.K. residents 18 years of age or older are free to gamble, including playing online poker.  Winnings from gambling, including poker, is not treated as personal income in the U.K. and therefore isn’t subject to taxation, which is definitely a nice benefit to those who either are winning players or who plan on becoming one at some point.

So when coming up with the best online poker sites for U.S. residents, the world is your oyster so to speak, and completely so in fact, and it simply becomes a matter of determining what the best online poker sites are in the world, period, which we have done for you in this article.

So here are the top 3 picks that we have for you.  If you have not tried out any of these top poker rooms before, you are welcome to try out one, two, or even all three if you wish.  If you have already played and are familiar with one or more of them, feel free to check out the ones that you have not had the pleasure of sampling yet.  All three of these poker sites are top notch and all are most worthy of your consideration.

Titan Poker

About Titan Poker

Titan Poker has been one of the world’s most favorite places to play online poker for many years now.  They haven’t been around as long as the other two poker sites on our list for you, who both go back to the dawn of online poker, and Titan only got into the game several years later, but they ended up taking the poker world by storm and quickly rose up the rankings in terms of popularity.

The iPoker Network which Titan is a part of is the world’s largest poker network and Titan is the flagship poker room on the network.  If you are going to play on a poker network it simply makes sense to go with the biggest room, as poker rooms on networks tend to come and go quite a bit, and while major poker rooms on networks do move around from time to time, this can change the dynamic of the poker room quite a bit and it’s preferable to look to pick a room that very likely won’t put you to the decision of whether to play on a new network or not.

Being the largest and most stable isn’t the only consideration though, as there are other factors involved, such as the quality of the ownership and management, now well they treat their players, their customer service, and so on, all things that normally go into deciding where the best places to play online poker is.

Titan Poker scores at the top of the class in all these categories, not only on the iPoker Network but in general, which is how they came to make our top 3 rankings for U.K. players.

Party Poker

About Party Poker

Party Poker has been a leader in online poker pretty much since online poker started, and for a number of years were the dominant poker room on the internet, and only lost that distinction after they decided to no longer offer play to U.S. residents.

They have remained a real force in the world of online poker though in spite of this setback, and have remained in the top 5 in overall traffic rankings all this time, and remain there today.

Party Poker had been guilty of resting on their laurels too much over the years though, until they merged with sports betting company Bwin to form Bwin Party, and the two companies pooled their resources and knowledge to make each side of the business better, and this was really evident in fact on the poker side, where Party Poker ended up becoming improved in many areas, where the quality of the poker room now truly matched their stellar reputation.

Party had always been known as a company of the highest standards, and being a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange probably had a lot to do with that, as the standards for listed companies are pretty high, and since you and I can own it by buying stock, there is of course a high level of transparency and everything is above board to see.

After the merger, the new company continues to be listed on the London exchange, and are now the largest publicly traded gaming company in the world.

888 Poker

About 888 Poker

888 Poker is another original poker room, going back to the early days of online poker, and for years they operated as Pacific Poker.  Pacific wasn’t among the very top poker rooms in terms of traffic for most of this time, due to their not promoting it very heavily, instead relying on cross traffic from 888’s online casino, the world’s most popular, a title they have held throughout.

This made for some great poker though, playing against mostly casino players who weren’t very good at it, and although this poker room is now more heavily promoted to poker players, there still remains a large contingent of casino players who play there, which is clearly a benefit.

While the other two poker rooms on our list, Titan and Party, do have casinos as well, 888’s casino is much bigger and there are more casino players there than at any other poker site in the world.  This fact alone makes them very desirable and they were a shoo in to make our top 3 list for U.K. online poker players, although this certainly isn’t the only quality that had them deserving to qualify.

The recent rebranding of this poker room, which is now known as 888 Poker to match the name of their casino, wasn’t just in name only, and like Party Poker they also had some big improvements in store to go along with their new name, and this also took them to the world class level that they currently enjoy.


Poker Traffic And Strength Of Competition

All three of our top recommended poker rooms for U.K. online poker players are in the top 4 most popular poker sites in the world, based upon traffic.  The only one of the top 4 not to make the cut here is Poker Stars, due to the fierce competition that goes on there.

In second place is 888 Poker, in third is Titan Poker, and in fourth is Party Poker as far as the poker sites with the most traffic in the world.  All 3 have a similar amount of traffic though, with only a slight difference between them.

Having enough poker traffic is a big consideration, as you want to be able to choose the type of games and stakes that you want, and also be able to play them when you want.  All 3 of our top sites offer you exactly that.

As far as the level of competition goes, there are some poker sites where the competition is on the stiffer side, not just at Poker Stars but other places as well, and I’ve always recommended that players stick to the softer sites where possible.

If you are playing huge stakes then the added action at these stakes at Poker Stars may make this site worth considering, but at the medium and small stakes that just about every online poker plays, if there is plenty of action at both a tough site and an easy one, it is foolish to play at the tougher one.

All three of our sites offer softer completion, there are some other sites that do too but don’t offer enough action to be tempting enough.  So it’s the combination of the two that we’re after and you should be after as well, and all 3 of these poker sites deliver that to you.

As far as comparing them, they are quite similar in softness as well.  If you like to play cash games, 888 Poker has a little softer action there, and if you prefer tournaments, Titan Poker’s tournaments are the easiest to do well at around.  There’s not a lot of difference between them though overall and any of them would make a very good choice on this basis.


Bonuses And Rewards

Titan Poker has always been famous for its very generous bonuses and rewards, and they have gotten even more generous lately.  You start out with an initial bonus of $40 with your first deposit with them of $20 or more, which consists of $30 in instant poker money and $10 in instant casino money.  You don’t even have to wait for this money, it’s yours to use instantly.  Use the bonus code BESTBNC to cash in on this, and contact support once you’ve made your deposit to collect the free cash.

In addition to that, you also get a 200% match of your first deposit, up to a total of $2000.  This bonus gets released to you in increments as you try out their poker site.  There’s also a total of 8 free entries to special freerolls, with a total of over $20,000 being given away at them.  These are far from your run of the mill freerolls and aren’t to be missed.

888 Poker also offers a very attractive welcome package, consisting of both a free $88 bonus to new players and a 100% match of your first deposit, up to a total of $400.  You don’t even need to make a deposit to be eligible for the free $88 deal, but they only give you a small part of it up front and it’s extremely difficult to rack up the frequent player points you need to unlock the rest, so you’ll definitely want to be making a deposit.

They also give you some free tokens for some nice first depositors’ freerolls, including one with a prize pool of an amazing $100,000 that is just limited to first depositors at 888 Poker only, so that alone is mighty nice.

Party Poker’s bonus is much more modest than the other two, to say the least, they give you a 100% match of your first deposit up to a total of just $50.  Don’t let that turn you off though, as you can still try out the other two sites and get what they have to offer you, if you want, and then get an extra easy $50 at Party Poker.

All 3 of these top poker sites offer very good rewards programs to keep you enticed to keep playing with them.  All also offer a good array of promotions, Titan’s stand out a little more though.

Software & Banking

Software, Banking, and Customer Service

The software at both Party Poker and 888 Poker are both state of the art, and both have been massively improved in the last few years.  This to me really spoke for the new commitment they gained to improve their site as their software formerly were both terrible.  Titan Poker’s software is only decent and lacks some of the appeal of the other two but it works well enough as to not be an issue really.

In terms of banking, Party Poker’s banking options are excellent and the best of the three, you simply tell them what country that you are in and they will instantly display the big selection of options that they have for you, which is very extensive.  888’s and Titan don’t offer quite as many but both are more than adequate.

Customer service is good at all 3, Titan Poker’s is the best of them with fast chat response times, you might have to wait on hold a couple of minutes with the other 2 but that isn’t a big deal at all, especially given the infrequency of your needing help from them, as they all are well run poker sites.



I’ve played extensively at all 3 of these poker rooms for many years and they are certainly my three favorite places to play online poker.  All are very well trusted companies and your money is safe and you will also be well taken care of.

888 Poker is my all time favorite but Titan Poker and Party Poker are certainly well up there as far as my personal preferences go.  They are close enough though that it really doesn’t matter which one you pick and you could try out all three if you want to see which one you like the best, and at any of these you will be rewarded for making your first deposit with them if you haven’t deposited there before.

So all you need to do is pick one or more, and make sure that you go through our links to them to ensure that you get the best bonuses that they have available to you.  If you check out Titan make sure you use bonus code BESTBNC to get the extra $40 they have waiting for you.  The other 2 sites don’t require any bonus codes as you will be given the deals automatically simply by clicking through to them through our links.

Best of luck and enjoy these great poker sites!