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Warning – There has been many complaints about cashouts on Win Cake not being paid. Beware of this site at this time.

We recommend trusted sites such as 888 Poker & Party Poker.

You will also receive a ticket into the weekly $250 Saturday Special $250 Freeroll after signing up and making your first time real money deposit.

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Cake Poker offers a first deposit bonus of 200% up to $5,000 in bonus cash. This means for every $100 you will get a bonus of $200.To get the maximum $5,000 you will need to deposit $2,500. As with most sites you will slowly release the bonus cash into your account depending on how much poker you play. The bonuses are released in $5 increments.

Win Cake Poker Review


New And Improved Cake Poker Has A Lot To Offer

Cake Poker has been successfully offering online poker to players from all around the world since 2006.  Cake Poker never really became one of the bigger online poker sites on the internet, but has had a steady and loyal following over the years, and became particularly famous for its particularly bad players, making this one of the easiest poker sites to make money at around.

As time went on, they expanded the operation to build the Cake Poker Network, where many smaller poker rooms joined them and pooled their players, which increased traffic overall and made Cake Poker an even more desirable place to play poker due to the increased amount of action and tables that this brought.  This collection of smaller rooms had a similar player composition to Cake Poker, loose and fast and willing to part with their money pretty readily and without a whole lot of effort.

The Cake Poker Network later became renamed as The Revolution Network, with the addition of some new poker rooms to their lineup.  Cake Poker has remained the flagship of the operation all along, and recently underwent a facelift of its own, re-branding itself as Win Cake which it is currently known as.

In addition to improving its poker offering, they have also added other forms of online gambling such as casino games and sports betting in order to extend the variety of the gaming they offer to their members and now become a one stop operation to those looking for a quality place to gamble online.

After continuing to offer online poker to residents of the United States throughout the years, Win Cake Poker has now decided to no longer accept players from the U.S., although they still welcome players from other countries and remain an excellent choice.

You Won’t Win Cake Here, But You Are Likely To Win Money

One of the jokes that has been around since Cake Poker opened is that beating their players is really a piece of cake and therefore the name of their poker site really fit.  That’s still the case, although they now call themselves Win Cake, so we could now say it’s a piece of cake to win there perhaps.

Even when they were offering play to Americans, where there are a lot of tough grinders, the competition at Win Cake was never very good overall, mostly due to the fact that the medium sized amount of traffic isn’t the kind of thing that good players tend to like.

You won’t be able to play a slew of tables here, as the traffic is pretty modest, but what they do have is of very good quality in terms of its profitability.  Things have gotten even softer since they exited the U.S. market, as there are now less good players than ever looking to beat up on the weaker players that tend to frequent this poker site.  This means that there’s more fish to go around for the rest of us.


This All Matters A Great Deal More Than You May Think

Even if you’re not a good player yet, and perhaps especially if you aren’t, seeking out the worst competition you can find is still very important, that is if you don’t enjoy getting sand kicked in your face and getting run over by players who are superior to you right now.

This can be a very expensive way to learn the game if you’re not careful, and the poker graveyards are full of former players who simply did not survive the beatings they took by playing at the wrong poker sites.

Of course if you’re already pretty decent or better, then you are the ones that will be reaping the rewards of being in a superior position overall.  It’s not how good you are, it’s how you measure up to the other players on a site, and at a poker site like Win Cake, you will stand taller than you will at just about any other poker site around.

Almost all poker players underestimate the importance of seeking a lesser level of competition when it comes to poker rooms, and it is in fact of supreme importance, and by far the most important consideration.  I’d rather sign up at a poker room with very limited action but good action, than at one with tons of action with it all being tough.

The traffic at Win Cake isn’t that robust but it’s more than sufficient to make having an account there make sense.  There’s nothing that says we need to play at just one poker site, or even at just one at the same time.  If you are a lower stakes player then you may find all the traffic you want here, and if you play higher you may want to have accounts at some other good poker rooms as well, but you’re short changing yourself if you neglect good poker rooms like Win Cake simply because you don’t feel they meet all of your online poker needs, as this isn’t necessary at all.


Win Cake Poker’s Welcome Package

There are a lot of good bonus offers out there in the online poker world, and many are pretty similar, at least in terms of the money offered, but Win Cake Poker’s welcome bonus really stands out and it truly enormous.

For starters, instead of the usual 100% bonus, Win Cake offers a much more generous 200% match amount.  So for every dollar you deposit, you don’t just get one dollar in bonus money, you get two.  Plus, the maximum amount you can collect isn’t set to the usual $500 to $1000, as you can collect up to $5000 in bonus money with this deal, which is truly massive. Use the Win Cake Poker signup codehelper” during registration.

This will be of particular interest to larger depositors of course, but what it does do is ensure that all players, from the smallest depositors to the larger ones, are all well taken care of here and everyone gets a very generous bonus allotment.

Bonus amounts are only part of the story when it comes to determining how desirable a bonus offer is in comparison with other bonuses elsewhere.  How easily it is cashed in is even more important in fact.  Big bonuses don’t do you much good if you can only cash in a small amount of it.

As is always the case, bonuses are released by collecting frequent player points, in other words you have to actually play a certain amount in order to collect the bonuses.  Some sites make you either free up the entire amount or get nothing, which is terrible.  Other offers release it in increments, and the smaller the increment, the faster you will get it and the more you will tend to collect if you’re unable to play down the whole thing.

Win Cake releases it in very small bite sized amounts of $5, and every time you get enough points to collect $5, you get the money.  This will ensure a steady supply of bonus money as you continue to try them out.

How frequent player points are collected is an even bigger factor.  Many poker sites only count the money you put in the pot, and if you are a good player you aren’t splashing around a lot of money like the fish do, and this format can really end up penalizing you.

At Win Cake, they count the entire rake with every hand and give all players at the table full frequent player points based upon that, which is the most player friendly scheme possible.  This will have you cashing out your bonus much faster than at other poker sites.

They also give their players a full 90 days to cash out their bonuses, which is another great feature and is longer than many other poker site bonuses.  Overall, the welcome bonus program at Win Cake is simply outstanding, and I encourage everyone who has never had an account there to cash in on this opportunity.


Other Bonuses And Promotions At Win Cake Poker

In addition to the first depositors welcome bonus, new players also get a free ticket to Win Cake’s first depositor freeroll, which is a premium freeroll with a very limited amount of entrants and therefore your chances to win are much, much higher than at a normal freeroll.  If you like freerolls in general though, perhaps looking to hone your tournament play without investing any money and also get a chance to win some free cash as well, Win Cake has plenty of those as well.

There are also frequent reload bonuses at Win Cake, so the initial bonus that you collect by just trying them out is only the start of things.  They even allow you to stack different bonuses at the same time, although the points you earn always get applied to the oldest one that you are eligible for, but this means you don’t have to miss out on further bonus money just because you’re already involved in a bonus deal.

Win Cake also offers several rake races, meaning that you compete with other players from the site and the top ones in terms of raked hands played at certain levels get a share of a very nice prize pool.  There is some serious money to be made at these, and they have plenty of them geared toward players who play even the smallest of stakes, so no one misses out and everyone gets in on the fun.

Win Cake Poker also has an extensive loyalty program, where players are rewarded for their play there.  Just about every poker site has such a program, but the one at Win Cake is designed to provide everyone with maximum rewards and not only offers higher levels of rewards the higher you climb the ladder, they have no less than 50 different loyalty levels to climb.

In addition to being eligible for higher rewards as you move up, the very act of moving up to a new loyalty section will earn you even more rewards, paid out in cash right into your account.  The regular rewards get exchanged for gold chips which can then be redeemed for cash or tournament entries.  Overall this is a good scheme, especially since the points you receive are determined by the total rake from the table, not your own contribution to it, which once again is the most player friendly way to do it.

Players also get awarded gold cards, which represent cards in the deck, at various times just for playing.  These cards can then be sold to other players in the exchange, and although you aren’t going to make a lot of money selling them, it’s just another nice added touch and you could even get up to $100 or more for one depending on its rank and the demand for it.


Game Selection And Game Play At Win Cake

Like most medium traffic poker sites, the most action tends to be concentrated in the lower stakes, but that’s perfect for newer or smaller bankrolled players.  There is a decent amount of tables running at the medium stakes, but once you get to this level you’re going to want to have accounts elsewhere as well and the added action provided here will add to your profitability, especially given that the games here tend to be juicier than at a lot of other places.

Although Win Cake does offer a good variety of formats, most of the action does tend to be concentrated on Texas Holdem, and to a lesser extent on Omaha.  That’s fine though as these two games are the two most popular and profitable anyway.  There is also a good balance between cash games and tournaments.

Win Cake also offers their version of fast poker called Fast Fold Poker, where you instantly get moved to another table when you fold.  This form of poker has become very popular recently as it offers all of the benefits of multi tabling without having to spread your attention across many tables.  Of course you can still play several tables of these if you want but the action is fast and furious so you won’t be able to play more than just a few.

If you’ve ever been bored playing poker though, and we all have to some degree, then Fast Fold Poker is the perfect prescription for this.  You’re either in a hand or you are off to another table.  This takes poker to a whole new level really.  Also, if you like freeing up bonus money and collecting frequent player points much more quickly, this form of poker really allows you to do that.


Other Features Of Win Cake Poker

One of the more interesting things about playing at Win Cake Poker is that they allow you to change your screen name once a week, which not only makes you a lot more anonymous than at other sites, it really puts a scare into the sharks, who will tend to stay well clear of this site for this reason.

The main reason is that they really can’t use their tracker programs here.  I love tracker programs but to be honest you don’t need one at this site, as if you’re any good at all you can whip the players who play here without the need for any of that.  This is the part these better players don’t get, but it’s great that they don’t since these aren’t the sort we want playing here anyway.

Win Cake Poker’s software is decent enough, and in fact it’s better than a lot of other programs out there, although to be honest I don’t consider this to be a very big factor in deciding between poker rooms, as the other stuff I’ve discussed so far is a lot more important.  The graphics here are good though and the software works well as it should.

You can download the software, which is the preferred method, or you can use their instant play format, where you play on your web browser.  When you need help, you can email them, call them on the phone, or chat with a live agent, which is my preferred method of contact.  Their agents are helpful and overall their customer service is very good.

They have a variety of deposit and withdrawal options and while there aren’t as many as some other sites, what they have is more than adequate to ensure everyone can deposit and withdraw with ease.

They also offer a wide variety of other forms of online gambling like casino action and sports betting, and you can do it all right from your poker account, which is great if you like some of these other types of betting.

With such a great welcome package just waiting for you to claim, I wouldn’t even think twice about grabbing that and then finding out more about this good poker site yourself, which you can do just by clicking on the link I’ve provided to them for you.

Win Cake Poker Signup Code on November 29, 2015 rated 3.5 of 5