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Titan Poker Review


Titan Poker History

The ownership of Titan Poker originally got their start in the online poker business through Noble Poker, which through superior management quickly became the flagship poker site of the newly emerging iPoker Network.  This network, starting out with a few poker sites who shared their software and player base, provided a great combination of soft players and well run poker sites, and provided a very nice alternative to the bigger poker sites of the day such as Poker Stars and Party Poker.

I referred many players to Noble Poker back in those days, 2004-05, who were all delighted to find such a great poker site.  I was particularly impressed with the ownership and management of Noble Poker back then, and in particular how well they took care of their players.  So I was saddened to hear that they ended up selling Noble Poker in 2005, to the company that owned Empire Poker.

However, they assured me that their new poker site, which was to be called Titan Poker, would be bigger and better.  Its true that the cream rises to the top, and as it turned out, the skills that they used to take Noble Poker to the top soon became applied to Titan Poker, and before too long they became much more popular than Noble Poker and Empire Poker put together.

None of this was by accident, I can assure you, and to this day Titan Poker remains the titan of the now huge iPoker Network, which is now the second most popular place to play online poker in the world.  While there are now a lot of poker rooms to choose from on the iPoker Network, Titan Poker is the flagship and drives a great deal of their success.


The iPoker Network

The idea of poker networks emerged from a combination of the extreme difficulty in fledgling poker sites getting off the ground, and the need and desirability of existing poker rooms adding to their established player base.  More is always better when it comes to how many players a poker site has, at least from the poker site’s perspective anyway, as more players equals more rake and higher profits.

From the perspective of players though, more isn’t necessarily better, and what we want to make sure of is that the added player traffic be sufficiently soft as well.  If a poker site becomes overrun with too many skilled players, then it becomes more difficult to do well there, and conditions for players actually worsen rather than improve.

Most poker sites don’t really care too much about the softness of competition of their poker rooms, and in fact many go the other way, focusing on bringing in more good players who are less likely to bust out.  While it can definitely be good for poker sites to have more players, in the end a poker site’s long term health always comes from attracting enough losing players to pay the rake and provide a satisfactory amount of profit to the regulars.


IPoker Truly Has The Best Interests Of Their Players At Heart

The iPoker Network has always been among the fishiest places to play poker online, mainly due to the fact that a lot of the member poker rooms attract their players from other forms of gambling such as sports betting and casinos.  However, as time went on, iPoker realized that in order to ensure and maximize their long term success, they needed to pay close attention to how much each poker room contributes to the overall softness of competition.

So recently they did something that previously was considered unthinkable in the industry, which was to cut quite a few of their rooms from the network, the ones that were delivering too many good players and not enough fish.  These rooms were all paying members, so in essence they cut a good chunk of their present revenue in order to ensure that they were providing the best poker experience they could to their players.

I’ve been reviewing poker rooms since online poker started, and I’ve always steered players away from the tough poker sites and toward the easier ones, simply because you just do better at the fishier sites, regardless of your skill level.  So I can’t tell you how impressed I am that a poker network puts our interests as players above theirs, at least in the short term, although they do understand that their long term success involves making players as happy as they can, and they certainly do here.

As I’ve mentioned, Titan Poker is a real force behind iPoker, although you really can’t talk about Titan without talking about the network as well.  It’s mighty nice to see both your poker room and the network that it is on both go all out for their players, and that’s definitely the case here, which certainly makes Titan Poker all the better of a choice.


Titan Poker Features Tons Of Very High Quality Traffic

The world of online poker has changed quite a bit during the last few years.  You used to see tons of calling stations and the way to make the most money used to be pretty simple, and that was just to play better hands than they did and bilk them at showdown.

Times have really changed though, and for the most part the games have really tightened up, even to the point of being ridiculously tight at some poker sites.  Among these tight players, some play with a good amount of skill, and others simply just play too nitty, meaning playing few hands and playing a fit or fold style, which makes them easy to beat if you have any sort of decent understanding of the game.

So while the days of seeing over half the people see the flop in full ring games is long gone, there are still quite a few players around who play either too loosely or too wildly, and these players are the ones that you will make the most money from, simply because their mistakes involve putting too much money into pots.

There is another type of fish though that is even more prevalent these days, and that’s the nit that I was just speaking of.  These players simply fold too much, and are also way too transparent, meaning that you can tell if they have a hand or not most of the time just by the way they play it.

If they have a hand, they tend to play on, and when they don’t, they fold.  So you can take down a great many pots from these players and in fact, while you don’t make as much from them as from the loose fish, they are even easier to beat.

So the more of both kinds of fish that you see at a poker site, the higher the quality of the traffic there.  When it comes to deciding on the desirability of a poker site, the ratio of fish to non fish is extremely important, providing that you care at all about how well you do in terms of money won and lost, which any sensible player will have as their highest priority.

So quality of traffic is definitely more important than quantity, meaning how many players play there overall, but quantity is still something you want to see.  The ideal situation is a poker site which has a ton of quality and a ton of quantity, and Titan Poker fits the bill perfectly here.  There are other poker sites which have high quality traffic as well, but perhaps no other place has the fishiness you want and need and fish in such high numbers.  This is the ideal situation here.


Titan Poker Bonus Code – BestBCN

Titan Poker Cares About Its New And Inexperienced Players Just As Much

For starters, Titan Poker offers all its first time depositors a very generous 200% welcome bonus, up to a total of $2000 in free bonus cash.  So regardless of how small your deposit is, simply by trying out their poker site, they will triple your money for you just for playing there.  So if you put in $50, for instance, you are eligible to collect $100 in bonus money, bringing your total to $150.

This doesn’t even include any profits that you make at their tables while playing the required amount to collect your bonus, which unlike some poker deals, is set to a modest level.  They pay it out in $10 increments, and it’s among the easiest and fastest to collect anywhere.

Titan Poker also offers its new depositors four entries to their regularly scheduled new depositors’ freeroll.  The fields are fairly small with these and the prize money is pretty big. $2500 in fact per tournament,  so this is far from your average freeroll, and in fact is of particular value to smaller depositors, who have the opportunity to significantly add to their bankroll through these free tournaments.

Titan Poker also allows its new players to play at tables specifically limited to beginners, meaning players who have signed up with them during the last 90 days.  These beginner tables are especially fishy as you might imagine, and provide the opportunity to really hit the ground running and get even better results at their tables than normal, for a full three months.

New depositors also enjoy a daily $50 freeroll, once again limited to those in their first 90 days at Titan Poker, which adds the opportunity for even more experience to be gained and even more money to be won without risking or spending any of your own money.

Titan also offers all of its players a free copy of the Titan Poker Guru, which is an interactive software program designed to teach both basic and more advanced poker skills.  While this really is designed for less experienced and skilled players, if you are in that category, this is definitely worth checking out.

They also offer a free odds calculator to all of their players and pretty much everyone can benefit from this one, especially those who aren’t able to calculate poker odds in their head quickly.  They also have a special contest, or race, where they give out a total of $300 a month to their new players, based upon how well you do on the leader boards, which is pretty fun in itself.  The top 150 players each week win cash prizes, so they spread this money around pretty nicely.

So as you can see, Titan Poker really rolls out the red carpet for their new players, and are really committed to ensuring that all players, from the smallest to the largest, are very well taken care of.

VIP Program

The Rewards Never End At Titan Poker

Once you have collected your generous welcome bonus and taken advantage of all of the other things that Titan Poker offers its new players, the fun there is just starting.  The more you play, the more points you can earn.  As a way of rewarding you for your loyalty, you can then cash these points for cash right into your poker account.

The cash in levels start at $5 for 1250 points and go up to a whopping $120,000 for 7 million points, which some players do cash in.  Of course, the higher you play, the more points you get, so you might not be able to play the higher stakes needed to cash in on the whoppers, but in time, you just might work your way up to that, and Titan Poker will be ready with their truck full of money for you.

As you collect more and more points, you also move up the VIP ladder to higher and higher levels.  The higher the level you are at, the faster you accumulate points, and the more money you make from this.  So this can really snowball into some nice cash on the side just for playing at Titan Poker.


Titan Poker’s Other Promotions And Features

There’s way too many great things going on at Titan Poker to even bother listing here, and once you visit them in a few minutes you’ll have all the time you need to check out them all.  Some of the more exciting things are collecting a crazy amount of bonus money for referring your friends – $500 per friend in fact.

This bonus is broken up as well, for instance once your friend deposits and plays a little, you get $50 right off the bat, and as your friend plays more, you get more and more.  This is $500 per friend by the way, and there’s no limit to how many friends you can refer and how many times you can collect your $500 per head.  Just 10 friends equals $5000, and you don’t have to stop there.

The tournaments at Titan are perhaps the best anywhere in terms of softness and beatability, and we’re just talking the regular ones.  While the cash games are plenty soft, if you like to play tournaments, this is definitely the site for you.  Titan runs all sorts of promotions when it comes to their tournaments, and there is always lots going on here for both sit and go players and those who prefer the bigger ones.

As far as moving money in and out of Titan Poker, they have gone out of their way to ensure that all players are offered several good choices to deposit and withdraw.  There are no less than 46 different methods that they offer, the ones you see at other sites plus a lot that you don’t.  Many of these can be used to withdraw as well, although everyone can take advantage of the direct transfer right to your bank account, which is the one I prefer myself.

The customer service at Titan Poker is also top notch, with friendly and helpful agents at your beck and call through live chat 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  I’ve been playing at Titan for years and I’ve never had one instance of being less than fully satisfied with their customer service.


If You Don’t Have An Account At Titan Poker Yet, You Should Get One Right Now

I’ve been strongly recommending Titan Poker to players ever since they opened up their doors, and have heard nothing but good things back.  I’ve heard quite a few players rave at their good fortune at finding a site so much better than where they have been playing previously.

However, don’t just take my word for it, check it all out yourself, and get paid generously for doing so.  Just click on our link to Titan to automatically collect your bonus, no code needed, in addition to everything else they are waiting to offer you.

Titan Poker Lobby

Titan Poker Lobby

Titan Poker Bonus Code on February 16, 2015 rated 4.0 of 5