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PKR Review


At PKR, It’s Who Doesn’t Play There That Matters The Most

First I want to point out that it doesn’t matter a bit how impressed you are with PKR’s unique poker software, which certainly has it standing out head and shoulders above any other poker site out there right now.

What you do need to realize is that the main reason why other poker sites haven’t gone to the lengths that PKR has with their software is that serious players really don’t want to bother with stuff like this, as it limits their multi tabling abilities.

So regardless of how experienced we may be at poker, this is a very exciting situation.  As a matter of fact, the biggest thing in my mind by far in terms of valuing poker sites is the softness of competition there, and a big part of this is keeping the good players away.  So anything that serves to do that is exactly the thing we need to be looking for.

There is no other poker site that comes close to keeping the skilled regulars away like PKR.  The mere fact that you can’t see your hole cards without clicking on them is enough to scare any serious multi-tabler completely out of his or her wits.  When you add in the fact that you can’t use popular programs like Hold’em Manager or Poker Tracker there, then that’s more than enough to make this poker site not even worth considering in their wildest dreams.


It’s All About Understanding What Really Matters Though

As far as not being able to use tracking programs goes, there’s probably no one who is into these programs more than myself.  In fact there might not be a single poker player in the world who relies more on poker statistics than myself, and I teach a very advanced form of using them in conjunction with game theory which takes the use of poker statistics way beyond what other people are using them for.

I tell people that playing without stats is like playing blind, although most people don’t know how to really use them and play pretty much blind anyway.  So playing poker without having stats is for me pretty unthinkable.  However, when we do stop to think about this, it’s far better for us to play players who are so weak that we don’t need stats to beat the crap out of, as opposed to at a poker site which allows stats and our opponents have them as well.
As far as multi tabling goes, to be honest with you I don’t really believe in doing much of that at all, and I also teach my students not to take this too far either.  One thing that is for sure though, regardless of your view on multi tabling, is that it’s far better to play against players who aren’t good enough to multi table than those who are.  In fact, ideally, we want to keep the multi tablers far away from where we play.  PKR certainly does.

Both Good And Bad Players Benefit Significantly From A Site Like This

Now I don’t want you to think I am talking down to players who enjoy the unparalleled realism that PKR’s software offers, even though it is probably the biggest fish magnet ever conceived.  New and inexperienced players absolutely love this software though.  Perhaps you are a newer or less experienced player yourself though.

In this case, there is absolutely no doubt that you will do better at a poker site like PKR than at one where more skilled players play at.  If you are a fish right now, do you want to swim with other fish as you wait to get better, or would you rather spend your time online experiencing the teeth of the sharks, where large volumes of your blood will be polluting the waters?

Perhaps you are an experienced player, but your experiences have been lesser ones, meaning that you have merely spent your time making other players richer.  There is no shame in this, and in fact there are countless players who continue to make deposit after deposit at tougher poker sites, perhaps helping others earn their living.  However, they may not know any better, and many don’t.

Now that you know that there are places to play at like PKR, where you once were a fish but now may even be one of the better players there, even without getting any better.  So now your fate is much more in your own hands, and you will have no one to blame but yourself if you choose not to help yourself here by switching to a better poker site.

If you are a better player, then it now comes down to whether or not you want to make a little money per hour, or more.  While this isn’t always this simple, and there are other factors that may come into play which, depending on your stakes and volume of play, you still may want to consider playing at the more difficult site or sites that you play at now.  What we do know for sure is that softer competition equals higher poker profits.  So not having an account at PKR means that you are missing out here at least somewhat.


What’s The Deal With PKR’s Software Anyway?

Playing online poker at PKR is much more like a video game than a poker table.  They are the only poker site in fact to feature 3-D graphics, which certainly is pleasing to the eye, especially if you are playing there for longer sessions.  All other things being equal, there’s no question that we should prefer nicer looking poker tables that look to capture the realism of the real thing much better.

Once again though, it’s not so much of a matter of what we like as it is what they will like, and they in this context means the fishiest players on the internet.  If this sort of thing is the most important thing to a player, what does this tell us about these players?  We can only thank heaven that they have chosen to play poker for real money instead of some other popular internet game where we do not have the opportunity to have them make donations to us.

Avatars are also important to these players, and PKR takes that to a new level as well.  Players can customize their characters numerous ways, including choosing things like clothing and jewelry.   Customization is even used as an incentive at PKR, where players can earn special items that they can use.  PKR doesn’t miss a beat in fact in looking to attract the kind of casual internet players that we love to see.

With all this said though, PKR also goes out of their way to make the game play as realistic as they can make it.  For instance, cards are dealt face down as they are in real life, and players have to peek at them to see what they have.  The real twist though is that other players at the table see you peeking, as they would in a real poker game.  So this can be a great way to get tells from players based on their looking at their own cards, which is another plus for us.

So while we may think that a lot of this is mere fluff,  it’s some very well thought out fluff at that, designed to make our experiences playing at PKR significantly more profitable than at a lot of other poker sites.  Along the way though, some of this stuff is actually nice to have, which just adds to the value of playing there.


The Traffic At PKR

How good the traffic is at PKR really comes down to what sort of stakes you play.  To be honest, this is far from the busiest poker site out there, although we should never be put out by this.  Far too many players short change themselves by deeming a poker site to have too thin traffic to be worth bothering with.

PKR is in fact one of these sites that usually gets overlooked by a lot of players, particularly those with appetites for more volume.  This is in fact another reason why good players tend to steer well clear of PKR, and once again, that’s a desirable situation for us, regardless of our level of poker skill and experience.

PKR does have a decent amount of traffic at the smaller stakes though, and is a great poker site for those who do play these stakes, or should be playing them, based upon their lesser skills and smaller bankroll.  At this point in your development, you really should be sticking to one table only, and only look to play more when you’re able to make money playing one.  This only makes sense.

For those who are playing mid stakes or higher, there is less action at these stakes, as might be expected, but the action that they do have is of a high quality in terms of softness.  The higher you go, the thinner the air tends to be, and this is the case with most poker sites in fact.  However, the important thing here is that you do have access to the well above average games at your stake when they do run, otherwise you are simply cheating yourself.

If you do prefer to play a lot of tables at once, the important thing to realize here is that you don’t have to play them all at the same poker site.  It is amazing how many good poker players do not realize this, and end up choosing a lot of tougher games rather than mixing in some easier and sometimes much easier tables at other poker sites.

So unless you play the highest of stakes, PKR has something to offer everyone.  If you are newer, you probably need to stick to one site anyway, as you don’t have the bankroll to spread it out over several sites.  If you play bigger, you are going to need to have accounts at several poker sites, and PKR is definitely one to have in your repertoire.


PKR’s Bonuses, Bonus Codes, And Rewards

If you are going to try out a poker site, you definitely want to get paid to do it, and PKR, like just about every poker site out there these days, does pay its first time players a welcome bonus.  PKR offers players three different options here.

If you only have $10 to deposit, they will give you $5 in bonus money right after you play your first hand.  Use bonus code welcome5.  If you have more to deposit, but less than $150, they will match your initial deposit in bonus money.  Put in $100 in other words and you get $100 in bonus cash.  Use bonus code welcome150.  Deposit $150 or more and PKR will give you 125% of your initial deposit in free bonus money, up to an extra $500.  Use bonus code welcome500.

Once you’ve collected your bonus money, PKR will continue to reward you for your play there with their rewards program.  I personally prefer programs that pay out in cash, which PKR isn’t among, but the real bonus here in my opinion is the money that you make at their tables, so given that, I don’t really worry about these things too much.

It’s not that the bonus program at PKR is all that crappy though, and they do offer an assortment of merchandise in addition to free entrance to tournaments.  They have the usual VIP levels where the more you play the faster you earn.  So you do get some real value out of all of this regardless, and although I don’t rate their bonus program as high as some at other sites, after all this is bonuses we’re talking about, and they should be seen that way.


PKR Deposit And Withdrawal Options

While the number of deposit options at PKR aren’t as high as you see at many other poker sites, there still is a selection of several very popular ones to make sure that all players are taken care of.  You can use your Visa, Mastercard, pre-paid Mastercard, Wire Transfers, Neteller, PayPal, Moneybookers, Paysafe Card, Paypoint Paycash, Click2Pay, Entropay, Ukash, or Click and Buy.  So that’s more than a decent selection there for everyone and you just choose the one you like best.

As far as withdrawal methods go, once again the number of methods that they offer are less than you normally see, but as a general rule, if you deposited with a method, you can withdraw with it.  People in certain countries may not be able to withdraw to their credit cards, due to restrictions with the credit cards themselves.  If need be, you can make another deposit with one of the internet wallets they accept, and this will entitle you to be able to withdraw with it once the payment has been processed.  You can also receive a check by mail if you prefer.

PKR also offers 24/7 live chat support and are there to answer any questions you may have right on the spot.


My Recommendation

I spent a lot of time talking about the kind of players that PKR attracts though its unique setup, and that wasn’t just a coincidence.  There’s no question that the fishiness of this poker site is far and away its best feature.  What I really like about PKR though is this is all by design, and nor merely by accident.

The very way that PKR is set up in fact assures us that they will be swarming with fish not just now, but down the road as well.  The good players avoid this site like the plague in fact.  That is to say, the good players that do not have our wisdom.

Not only is PKR not a site to avoid, it’s the kind of poker site that we ought to prefer the most.  Smart fisherman do their fishing where the fish are.  Often these spots are the ones less traveled, but that’s definitely a good thing.   Too many boats in one area mean over fishing and less for all of us.  This is when we need to look to set sail for another location.

Once again, whether you just learned what beats what and are ready for your first experience with real money poker, or you are a poker wizard who crushes every player he or she meets at the table, fishier is always better.  So that’s what I like the most about PKR.

So if you don’t have an account at PKR yet, it only makes sense to open one, and why not collect some extra money while you’re at it from their welcome bonuses.  Just click on our link to them and get started.

PKR Poker Bonus Code on April 21, 2015 rated 3.0 of 5