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A New Name For An Old Face In Online Poker

Poker 770 has been one of the most popular online poker sites on the extremely popular iPoker Network for a number of years now, and over these years has developed a good reputation as one of the better online poker sites on the network and on the internet overall as well.

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The folks at Poker 770 are looking to shoot for higher heights, and in order to make this more plain, they have re-branded their offering as Netbet.  In particular, they are looking to expand their other offerings besides poker, particularly the casino and sports betting side of the operation, and while calling themselves Poker 770 speaks loudly to their dedication to poker, which they still remain firmly committed to by the way, it does little to demonstrate their similar dedication to these other forms of betting, so it was felt that Netbet better demonstrated their expertise in all these forms of betting.

It is pretty typical that poker rooms these days offer casino and sports betting as well, and in fact few online poker sites these days don’t offer these other forms of betting alongside poker, but a lot of them just do it on the side, to try to make more money from their poker players, but the focus at Netbet extends beyond this, to make the entire site world class, so the new name much better conveys this.

Getting back to the poker though, this is the same poker room exactly that Poker 770 offered, so even though it’s a new name it’s just a different name for a well trusted poker room, so players need not be wary that they may be joining a new operation with a lot of unknowns associated with it.

Players from Poker 770 all were automatically migrated to Netbet Poker, and they are on the same network they were before as well, so the change really is in name only.

So for those not perfectly familiar with this poker room, and who don’t have an account there but may be considering opening one, let’s have a look at what they have to offer us:
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Netbet Poker Traffic And Competition Levels

Netbet Poker is one of the premier poker rooms on the iPoker Network, a collection of many different poker rooms that share the same traffic and tables, and the largest poker network in the world.

So the traffic levels at Netbet Poker are very good indeed, and in fact this is one of the biggest features of this poker room, and the traffic here stacks up very well against any poker site other than Poker Stars, which holds a huge lead in traffic over everyone.

If traffic levels were the only thing that mattered though then everyone would just play at Poker Stars due to their crazy amounts of traffic there.  However this is far from the only concern, and a lot of players greatly overestimate the significance of this.

You do want enough traffic but at a certain point you get enough and having more than that doesn’t really matter at all.  There are lots of poker sites that don’t really have enough traffic, they might have enough to maintain an account there to play in the odd juicy game, if you have enough of a bankroll that you can spread it around like this to keep money at poker sites where you may only play here and there, but a lot of players only have enough money to play at one poker site, or may just want to do that for the sake of convenience.

So therefore it’s better for your chosen poker site to have enough action so that you can play what you want, at the stakes you want, when you want to play it, and most poker sites cannot offer this to a lot of players anyway, especially those who don’t play the smallest stakes where the majority of traffic is situated at.

So in other words you want enough traffic but don’t need too much of it, and Netbet Poker fits this bill extremely well.  The other consideration here, and a big one as well, at least as big as the traffic levels, is that you don’t want the level of competition to be too tough, like you see at Poker Stars for instance, which is far and away the toughest place to play online poker.

It is actually fortunate that almost all of the skilled players online these days have migrated to Poker Stars, as these aren’t the kind of players that you want to play against, and this leaves a much higher ratio of fish to sharks at other poker rooms like Netbet Poker, which is exactly the way we like it.

So overall, when you look at both traffic levels and softness of competition, Netbet Poker is an excellent balance of both, and scores very well here.
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Netbet Poker’s Welcome Bonus

Netbet Poker’s welcome bonus to new players who have not make a deposit with them previously is also top notch, and one of the most generous in the industry.  While players need not choose among these deals, as there’s no limit on how many different bonus deals you can take advantage of, it is certainly nice when a poker site that you haven’t tried out before offers you a particularly nice deal, and this is indeed the case with Netbet Poker.

Netbet starts you out with a free €20 when you deposit €20 or more starting out with them.  You get €10 of this instantly, and another €10 7 days later, with no play requirements to unlock the second €10.  Instant bonuses are great and we always like to see them offered to our players because so many players really enjoy not having to wait to collect them, especially those with smaller bankrolls.

To receive this instant bonus, enter in the bonus code FREE20 when you register with them.  There’s no reason at all not to take advantage of this and grab your free €20 by the way even if your bankroll is larger.

In addition, all players are eligible for their regular bonus offer of 200% of your initial deposit, up to a total of €1,500 in free bonus money.  So in other words, if you deposit €100 initially, you not only get the instant bonus of €20, you also get another €200 in regular bonus.  So as you can see this is a nice deal indeed.

The regular bonus is paid out to you in increments, as is customary at poker sites, where each time you accumulate 200 frequent player points you unlock another €2.  The first 4 payouts of €2 have reduced requirements so that you can hit the ground running and start freeing up this bonus money a little faster.

So they are paying you to try them out but of course you do have to try them out to get paid, and that’s exactly what happens here.  Players have 45 days to unlock the entire bonus allotment that is given to them.

They also give you seats at special depositor freerolls, and you don’t just have to be a first depositor to qualify for these, as any time you make a deposit you can get some free tokens to these, which are well worth your time playing.

VIP Program

Netbet Poker Rewards And Promotions

All players at Netbet Poker are automatically enrolled in their VIP club, where the points you accumulate based upon your play also earn you rewards.  There are a total of 10 different VIP levels, from novice to elite, and players move up the ladder according to how many points they accumulate per month, with better and better rewards being provided as you move up the levels.

These points accumulate in players’ points accounts and can be redeemed for free tournament tickets, merchandise, or cash right in your player account.  This is a good VIP program in comparison to the average and is another way that Netbet Poker stands out from a lot of its competition.

Netbet Poker also rewards its players through an array of regular promotions.  A lot of these are geared toward tournament players, as is typical at poker sites given that tournaments tend to be more popular, as is the case at this poker site as well, but they also have some goodies for cash players as well.

The goal here is that once they get you liking their poker site they want you to continue to like it and rewards and promotions accomplish this.  While this isn’t a huge deal as far as the reasons to select a poker site, as it does clearly take a back seat to how good the poker is at a given site, and nice promotions won’t make a poor site good, but it will make a good site better, and that’s what it serves to do at this one.

Netbet Poker Game Selection

Netbet Poker also stacks up very well in the different games and stakes that they offer, which is partly due to the very nice amount of traffic that they get, but that’s only part of the story, as their commitment to providing the kind of variety that keeps players interested and coming back for more does factor into this as well, and they score well there.

There are lots of different games to choose from regardless of what you like to play, whether it be full tournaments, sit and go tournaments, or cash games, whether you prefer Hold’em or Omaha, or whether you like full ring games, short handed tables, or heads up.

They also offer speed poker for those who prefer that, and their speed poker is one of the best out there in terms of popularity, which means actually being able to play it.  At some sites there are so few players that it is not even viable, but it is here.

The scheduled tournaments here are among the best out there, if not the very best, as far as how easy they are to beat.  They are famous for their softness at given buy in levels, which range from the smallest to some pretty big ones indeed, like their €200,000 guaranteed.

Most of the action at the cash tables is to be found at the lower stakes, as is the case with all poker sites, but for those who do wish to play higher, they do offer a decent amount of action at the medium stakes as well.  So if you are starting out small and plan on moving up in time there is some real room to grow here.

So the game selection here isn’t quite up to what Poker Stars offers, but is pretty much as good as it gets otherwise, and keep in mind that more selection at Poker Stars means you’ll be up against a lot tougher players at any of them, so better selection isn’t necessarily better overall.
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Netbet Poker Software, Banking, and Customer Service

The software that Netbet Poker offers isn’t quite up to par with the best software platforms out there, although they have been working on this lately and they have made some real improvements with it now.  I used to be pretty critical of this but even then this isn’t something that’s that big of a deal, although I do prefer a more pleasant looking table and they have certainly made some positive changes lately.

The layout is much, much better, as I hated the old layout that they kept for way too many years, and you can even select your own avatar now and have gotten rid of the cowboys, baseball players, James Bond, and the other characters that used to clutter up their tables annoyingly.

This software has always worked pretty well though in terms of functionality and that has been retained, so this has always been more of an aesthetic problem but that’s now been corrected, so I’d say that their software, while not quite as good as the best out there, is now at least very close overall, and more than close enough to no longer make this a weakness of the site.

Banking options here are quite good, not quite as varied as the sites with the best options, but there is more than enough selection to allow anyone to be able to move money in and out of this poker site with relative ease.

The main support interface is their live chat option which is very good and also available in several languages, not just English.  The response time is excellent and the agents are fairly helpful.  They also offer telephone and email support should you wish to use those channels instead.


Overall Recommendation

In spite of being a new name on the scene, Netbet Poker has been offering a very good online poker experience to online poker players from around the world for several years now, and have had quite a bit of success doing so, due to this being a pretty nice place to play online poker.

Taking a close look at what they have to offer reveals a very well rounded online poker site with many things going for it, and few things that could stand improving.  I’d like to see more traffic at the medium stakes and higher but the reality is that only Poker Stars has a lot of this, especially at the high stakes, but medium stakes players still should prefer to play here as the completion is quite a bit easier.

Smaller stakes players though will find all the traffic they can handle here though and this is a great site in fact for those just starting out at online poker or for those who haven’t gotten good enough yet to be able to beat the games.  You’ll find yourself beating these ones long before you’ll ever be good enough to beat the ones at Poker Stars.

For those who have never tried out this site before, they do offer a very nice welcome package and you will get paid to try them out while you see for yourself everything they have to offer you.  The instant deposit bonus will be one that smaller depositors will particularly like.

Keep in mind though that if you have had an account at Poker 770 before, you won’t qualify for these bonuses, but if you’ve never deposited at either than you are eligible.

If this is the case, and you’ve yet to experience this site first hand, I can’t see any reason why any online poker player should not take advantage of this deal.  This is a premium poker site on a premium poker network and everyone should at least try them out and collect the bonus money they have for you just for doing so.

So just click on your link to them to do just that.

NetBet Poker VIP Code on April 21, 2015 rated 3.0 of 5