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Lock Poker on the Merge Poker Network

You can’t really talk about Lock Poker without first talking about the poker network that it is on.  The Merge Poker Network has been around since 2007, and is a collection of over 60 mostly smaller poker rooms, many of which are sideline operations of larger sports betting sites.

Merge as always been seen as a good alternative to the larger poker rooms and networks, and the main reason why players have tended to stay away is their relative lack of traffic.  Now it’s not that the traffic at Merge has ever been that bad, and in fact even during their slowest period this network was one of the busiest places to play online poker on the internet.

With the recent exit from the U.S. market by some large poker rooms, the Merge Network is now one of the fastest growing sites around,  and this growth is expected to continue.

Merge Has Always Been A Very Good Choice

I’ve been playing at and recommending Merge for several years now, and my own experience has been that a lot of players end up discounting some of these more off the beaten track poker sites.  Now even if you have a need to play a lot of tables at the same time, it’s a mistake to shun the poker sites that you can’t play more than a few at.

I’ve no idea why more players don’t multi-site to get their multi-tabling fix, as it makes perfect sense to do so.  I only play one table at a time myself so I just look for the best action at the stakes I play at any given time, but if I did play several tables, I certainly wouldn’t necessarily need them to be at the same poker site.  Besides, depending on the stakes you play, you can generally find several good ones running at Merge, and if that doesn’t’ satisfy you, well there are other sites out there to play at as well.

So what you want to do is to first focus on the best quality poker sites, and then add more as needed.  So what makes Merge such a quality place to play poker online, worthy of your consideration?  The main reason is that if has a considerable amount of sports bettors who play there, and regardless of the stake you play, from the lowest to the highest, the tables there are just plain fishier than a lot of other sites.

So What Makes Lock Poker A Good Choice On Merge?

Poker isn’t just a sideline at Lock Poker, as you may have gathered from their name.  They have been around since 2008 and joined the Merge Poker Network in 2010, so they are one of the newer poker rooms on it.  However, what sets them apart is their being a poker site run by poker players for poker players, instead of say, a small poker operation that comprises only a small fraction of a much larger sports betting site, where they may not have all that much experience with poker and also may not give poker its proper due.

Lock Poker is run by Eric Lynch, a gifted poker pro who co-wrote one of the very best books on tournament poker ever written.  Eric isn’t just a poker pro though, he’s an online poker pro, and therefore has an excellent understanding of what a great online poker site should be.  The fact that the owners of Lock Poker went out and got such an accomplished online pro to manage their poker operation also speaks to their overall philosophy of looking to provide us players with the best online poker experience they can.
One of the most impressive things that Lock Poker has been able to accomplish lately though is the amount of top online pros that have made the move over to their poker room.  Now many poker rooms hire and sponsor poker pros, which just means that they give them some money to lend their name to their poker site.  With Lock Poker, these pros came over on their own volition, simply because Lock Poker is such a good poker site to play at.  That speaks much more loudly about the quality of their site than just throwing some money at some people.


Poker Welcomes Players From All Countries

There aren’t many poker sites around these days who will accept players from all countries.  The United States government in particular has famously harassed the larger poker rooms who offered online poker to their citizens, although they have no real legal power over poker rooms located in other countries and are limited to trying to make doing business with their people more difficult.

Lock Poker refuses to be pushed around this way though, although they recently went through a period where they temporarily suspended new players from the USA so that they could retool their means of processing payments for residents of the U.S.  This has been accomplished now and Lock Poker’s doors are now open again to everyone.

As well, one of the benefits of playing at a smaller poker room which is part of a much bigger network is that in spite of the nice traffic levels at Lock Poker, unlike what happened to the huge poker sites offering play to Americans, they are a such a relatively small operation that it’s probably not even worth the trouble for anyone to harass.  Regardless, Lock Poker refuses to be bullied by anyone, which is definitely great to see.

Even If You Can Play At Any Poker Site You Want, Lock Poker Is A Very Good Choice

I’m from Canada and have always been able to play at whatever poker sites I want, and therefore only play at the best ones, meaning the best run poker sites with the most profitable action.  I’ve had an account on the Merge Poker Network for several years now, and it’s one of my favorite places to play poker online.

I do have accounts at several other good sites though, but I play higher stakes and therefore need to make sure that I have the best tables available to me, which often means checking out several to find the juiciest games running at any given time.  If I were just starting out again though, or had a small to modest sized bankroll, I wouldn’t hesitate at all to have Lock Poker as one of my top two or three poker sites, or if I was starting out, even having Lock Poker as my starter poker site.

While I’m on that subject, one of the mistakes that a lot of newer players, and many that aren’t so new, tend to make is to think of your choice of poker site kind of like a marriage, where you play at one place and only look to try out some others if you are less than satisfied with it.

This is downright foolishness to be honest, and everyone should look to have an account at several of the better poker rooms, since this gives you much better choice and allows you to not only take advantage of more bonuses and rewards, but greatly expands your ability to pick and choose the best games out there at any given time.  There’s no question in my mind that Lock Poker deserves to be on this list.

For players who only have a small bankroll, where it wouldn’t really make sense to spread it out over several sites, you can still try out several good poker sites, and at the same time, use the financial power of the welcome bonuses that they pay you to try them out to give your bankroll a real nice boost.  Imagine adding literally tens of thousands of dollars to it as you check out our all of our top recommendations for yourself.


Lock Poker’s Welcome Bonus And Other Great Rewards

Speaking of bonus money, new depositors at Lock Poker receive one and a two times their original deposit there in free bonus money, up to a total bonus amount of $4,000.  So if you deposit $50, you get an extra $100, if you start out with $100, you get an extra $200, and so on.  So how much free money you get is up to you, all the way up to putting in $2,000 and getting $4,000 in free cash.

Needless to say, getting paid to try out Lock Poker is definitely a real nice way to start out there.  In order to collect it, you will need to enter in our bonus code, which is LOCK150.  Jot this down as you will need to remember it once you click on our special link to Lock Poker, where you will be asked for your bonus code during the registration process.

Once you have played for a bit and collected your welcome bonus, if you are like me, you will want to continue to be rewarded for playing at Lock Poker, and that’s exactly what will happen.  Lock Poker has a nice VIP program, starting with the White VIP level, and as you play there more frequently, you move up the levels, to become a Silver VIP, a Black VIP, and finally, a Black Elite VIP.

Lock Poker’s VIP program isn’t just something where you can get a free t-shirt once in a while or get thrown a bone with a little extra money here and there.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to complain, and the fact that just about all the VIP programs out there at other poker sites don’t give you a lot back unless you are a truly huge player is perfectly fine.

Gifts are gifts, and all gifts are nice, and I’ve never said no to a poker site wanting to give me anything, although I will tell you that the Lock Poker VIP program truly stands out.  Once you become a VIP, they start you off with 10% daily cash back, which means a tidy sum of money given back to you depending on how much you have played that day, and this goes up to 20%, 30%, and finally 35% cash back as you move up the levels.

This means a lot more money in your pocket, and in fact Lock Poker isn’t just giving you a little taste here, they are sharing a significant amount of their revenue with their players.  This is especially valuable as you grow your bankroll and move up the stakes, where you end up getting paid more and more money just for playing there.

I know some players who are only good enough players to pretty much break even, but actually make their living just from the extra money that they are paid by Lock Poker just to play there.
If all this weren’t enough, all VIP players get a free entry into Lock Poker’s $10,000 monthly freeroll, and there aren’t that many players that play in these, so this is far from your average freeroll, and your chances of winning some serious cash in these are very good.

VIP Program

Poker’s Exclusive “Vault”

Another nice feature of Lock Poker is that all of their VIP players get access to their VIP vault, which is an extra measure of security which places the funds of VIP players in a special vault with a separate pin code to access it.

So players can put part of their bankroll away in their vault, which not makes their poker money even more secure, it also protect players from themselves, as you can place the funds you don’t want to lose during a day’s play in the vault.

So this isn’t a real big deal to be honest but what it does show is the level of thought that the people at Lock Poker put into offering you the best service they can.  This is just one example of this and at the very least it’s nice to know that you can use their vault to have your money even more protected.

Lock Poker Promotions

In addition to their welcome bonus and world class VIP program, Lock Poker also offers several other ways for their players to get extra rewards.   For instance, on Thursdays and Fridays, players can earn double VIP points through their Double Trouble promotion.  They also run bad beat jackpot tables, where you not only become eligible to win a huge bad beat jackpot, these tables tend to have even more fish at them looking for this big score, so you don’t have to hit the jackpot to really profit here.

Lock Poker also offers a free $50 freeroll to all new depositors, where the prize money isn’t all that exciting to be honest, but you might make a few bucks here, and also get some valuable tournament experience without having to pay for the privilege.  If you like tournaments, they run a nice promotion called the Tourney King where you can climb their leader board and get your share of the $20,000 in prize money they offer with this.

This is just a sample of what Lock Poker is currently running at the time of this writing, and since they are constantly looking to express their gratitude to their players for their loyalty, you can count on lots going on in terms of promotions here.


Other Nice Features And Benefits Of Lock Poker

Here’s what I call a nice touch, and is another example of how Lock Poker is a poker player’s site.  Some poker rooms don’t allow you to use Sharkscope, a sit and go tracking service.  Lock Poker not only allows it, they have integrated it in their poker software, and players even get 10 free searches a day.

Most poker sites offer statistics to players, but Lock Poker takes this a step further, as they do with a lot of things, and the extent of the stats that you can get at Lock Poker is beyond what you normally see.

They also have a nice assortment of deposit and withdrawal options, even for residents of the USA, which really shows how hard they work for their players.  Support is available 24/7 and like everything else to do with this site, they aim to please.

The best feature of Lock Poker though is the high percentage of loose fish that play there, especially those from all of the sports betting sites that contribute players to the network that Lock Poker is on.  Nothing matters more than playing weaker players, and no matter how good you are, this is always the most important thing.

So I definitely recommend that you give this poker site a try and see for yourself why I like it so much.  Just click on our link to them and you are on your way.

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