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Full Flush Poker Review


New Soft Poker Room Which Also Offers Play To U.S. Residents

Full Flush Poker only broke onto the online poker scene in late 2013, so at the time of this writing they haven’t been around for very long at all, yet they certainly have made a very good impact on both the poker scene and on online players as well in this short period of time.

Launching new online poker rooms can certainly be a challenge, and often new rooms don’t ever really make it past the introduction stage, and while they may stick around, they often languish in the doldrums with hardly anyone playing there.

All poker sites started out this way though, building from nothing essentially, and only the good ones managed to create enough momentum to grow the operation to at least the point where they were worth considering by more serious poker players like ourselves.

If a poker site really has things going for itself though, the word gets around in the poker community and things do start to pick up, and as time goes on more and more players end up coming over. This is exactly what has happened at Full Flush Poker.


Traffic Levels And Composition Of Their Player Base

This new poker room has steadily and rather impressively grown since its inception, and when you take a look at the graph of its popularity over time, you pretty much see a straight line up. The amount of traffic they have now is still pretty modest, but it has certainly grown enough to now be on my radar, and should be on yours as well.

To give you an idea of the traffic here, they aren’t anywhere near the top yet, but they recently surpassed the most popular regulated poker room in the United States, Party Borgata in New Jersey. Considering how much hype and money has been spent on this poker room, and that this poker room is owned by two of the biggest names in the gaming industry, that certainly impresses me.

So the traffic at Full Flush Poker is now pretty decent indeed, and I see no reason why it won’t continue to keep growing as more time passes. There’s nowhere near enough traffic here to satisfy players who like to play a lot of tables, but there are very few poker sites like that anymore anyway, and none that cater to U.S. residents if you happen to be from there. So overall I’d say that there is enough traffic here to check it out at least, but it’s not really just about how much traffic there is, it is the kind of traffic they have that really matters.

For whatever reason, Full Flush Poker has attracted some of the fishiest poker players anywhere. This is in my view the biggest reason to want to play here, especially if you are a low stakes player, and especially if you haven’t gotten good enough to be profitable overall yet.

These are the kind of players that anyone should want to play against though, and from my experience and from talking to players who have tried it out as well, this is the place to play if you are looking for soft games, no matter where you are from.

The smaller poker sites generally have the softest action, and this is especially true where this poker room is concerned. If it wasn’t for this then in spite of this being a good poker room overall I would say that it might not even be worth your while, but the fishiness of this place really has it standing out and deserving of your attention.


Full Flush Poker’s Welcome Package

Pretty much all poker sites offer bonuses to new players to encourage them to give them a try, and some are better than others. This really isn’t a matter of comparing one to another though and being forced to decide between them. As long as you are willing to try out different poker rooms, there’s no reason not to take advantage of all the bonus offers you wish to.

Having said that though, the package offered at Full Flush Poker is a pretty good one. First of all, they don’t require you to remember and enter in bonus codes, as you will receive all of their bonuses automatically, and there are several of them. You also don’t have to choose between bonuses, they give you all of them.

For starters, you will receive 150% of your initial deposit as their main bonus, up to a total of $600 in bonus money. So if you deposit $100, you will be eligible to receive $150 in bonus money from them, and so on.

As always, you receive this bonus money by actually trying them out, and as you play there you will have your bonus money released to you. For every dollar deposited, you need to earn 20 Player Option Points. You have 45 days to accumulate enough points, and further deposits are allowed, but only the initial deposit amount counts toward the bonus amount you are entitled to.

Once you have racked up enough points, the entire bonus amount you qualified for becomes released into your account. If you don’t earn enough points during the 45 days, you don’t receive it.

I’m not crazy about these all or nothing welcome bonus deals, as it is better to have this released in increments like some other offers do, but it is a bonus after all and they don’t make it too difficult to earn it.

They also give you a 20% instant bonus if you can deposit over $50, where you don’t have to wait at all to get the money or do anything else. This one is very nice. Also, if you can deposit over $125, you will get 2200 promo bucks which you can use for entries into tournaments. All depositors also receive 10 copper coins which are good for entries into special freerolls.

So all in all this is a pretty good welcome package I would say.

VIP Program

Full Flush Poker Frequent Player Rewards Program

A lot of players get overwhelmed by the complexity of frequent player rewards schemes, with a myriad of different levels such, and one thing I can say about the rewards program at Full Flush Poker is that they make it all so delightfully simple.

You earn points, and then you exchange the points for cash in your poker account. There are no multipliers here, all players earn points at the same rate, which is $1 for every 200 POPs that you earn.

These are also the same POPs that you use to free up your welcome bonus, so once again things are kept as simple as possible. Some poker sites have 3 different kinds of points. There is just one here.

This all works out to 5% cash back on what you pay both in rake and tournament fees, and this isn’t anywhere near as high as the upper levels with many other deals, but the higher amounts are geared to the bigger players, and you can’t even play that big here, and you often even can’t reach the top tiers on some of those sites either.

This is more than the lower tiers pay with a lot of offers though, and by having one tier, Full Flush Poker is not only as fair as things can get but it ends up benefiting the smaller bankrolled and smaller stakes player, and that comprises most of the players who play there actually, so it’s a good deal for that sort of player for sure.

In case you are wondering, the welcome bonus deal in comparison ends up working out to be 15 times bigger than this in terms of the payout, 75% cash back instead of 5%, so that’s certainly one you want to make sure you play enough to cash in on.


Full Flush Poker Promotions

In addition to giving you the initial welcome bonus, Full Flush also has regular reload bonuses, where you can earn 100% of these further deposits. They give you 30 days to earn enough points with this one but if you are an active player you should be able to free this one up as well without a lot of trouble. Keep in mind that with all these bonus deals they are paying you to play there so they expect you to do just that to earn the money.

There are also extra bonuses if you deposit with one of their select internet wallets, where they give you 10% instant cash back up to a total of $200. This alone makes it well worth using one of these services, in addition to their being pretty convenient.

If you can deposit over $1000, they will give you an additional bonus of 10% of your deposit, up to an extra $200 in instant cash. So it pays to put more money in this site if you can, that’s for sure.

Full Flush Poker also offers a refer a friend promotion, where each friend that you refer who makes a deposit and earns just 500 points within the first 30 days earns both you and your friend $25 in instant cash. 500 points isn’t a lot to achieve in this time period and your friends should be able to pull this off without much trouble, especially with money on the line for both of you.

Other than that, there isn’t the big array of promotions that you tend to see elsewhere, but Full Flush puts their money toward their bonuses, and while as time goes on they might add some more promotions, which I really wouldn’t mind seeing, but these things aren’t the sort of thing you should be putting much weight on anyway when it comes down to where to play online poker.


Full Flush Poker Game Selection

Like a lot of small to medium sized sites these days, the cash traffic is mostly focused on the smaller stake games. You won’t see any players who make their living at poker playing here. You don’t want to be playing against players like this though anyway.

The biggest draw here is the fishiness of the place, and fish tend to play smaller stakes, so that’s what you will get. The traffic at this point isn’t anything to get excited about but smaller stake players will find plenty, especially if you don’t need to play many tables.

My advice is always to focus on only a few or even better just one until you can beat the stakes you play anyway. Otherwise you’re just losing more than you need to, especially with your attention divided.

So this site is perfect for that, to get players who might have been losing money elsewhere turned in the right direction finally, and to also jack up the win rate per hour of players who are already good enough to beat the fish that play here.

As far as the tournaments go, they are even better than the cash games as far as I am concerned. The tournaments only go up to $5K guaranteed, but they are very easy to do well at, and if you like tournaments you’re really going to like the soft ones they run here, as well as some real nice overlays at times, meaning that the poker site has to kick in their own money to meet the guarantee, which can add quite a bit of extra value.

Customer Service

Full Flush Poker Banking And Customer Service

The banking options used to be absolutely terrible at this poker site in the early days of their operation. However, as a little time has passed, they ended up fixing things so that there is now more options at least. Adding several popular internet wallets, such as Neteller, Skrill, and EcoPay certainly helped, and you can use all of these for withdrawals as well. Deposits can also be made with person to person transfers and by credit card, although you will have to fax in a credit card authorization form with this.

EcoPay is the method I strongly recommend, as there is no fee to withdraw and they pay you a 10% bonus to deposit with it. Neteller and Skrill both pay the bonus, but they also involve a withdrawal fee, and given the choice it doesn’t make sense to pay this fee if you don’t have to.

If you are from the U.S. though, there’s no way around the withdrawal fees I am afraid, as the internet wallets aren’t available to U.S. residents. Several other options are available though, including person to person transfers, checks and bank wires. My advice in this case is to keep your withdrawals to a minimum to minimize the fees, in other words, only take out money after you have made a good amount of it or when you really need to get your hands on it. However, the bonus money you can make here can more than cover any fees you have to pay, so when you look at it that way it’s not too bad at all.

Withdrawals here run very smoothly though and even players from the U.S. are pretty happy with the process, which is really saying something, as it can take a while getting your money at some other sites.

Customer support here is very good as well, and in addition to email support, you can chat with one of their support representatives online 24 hours a day. This is something I really like to see at a poker site.



For me, when it comes down to the reasons why I like to play at a poker site and the reasons why I recommend it to others, it all comes down to the poker. While the traffic is on the lighter side for sure this might be the easiest place to do well on the internet period.

This is especially important to those who don’t have that big of a bankroll where you really need to worry about making it count. Regardless though, it is simply more fun to do better at a certain poker room than not.

So this is the poker site for that, to set yourself up for success as much as you can. The bonuses and rewards may not be tremendous, but they are at least pretty good. The banking options aren’t the best and no one would ever choose this site for that but t worst they don’t really get in the way much.

In the end it’s how much money you have in your pocket at the end of the day that should drive your decisions on where to play, and this poker site overall is among the best for that, and is worth at least a try. Collect your bonuses and then you can decide for yourself.

Full Flush Poker Bonus Code on April 22, 2014 rated 3.0 of 5