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Everest Poker offers a first time deposit bonus of $500. There is no actual code to enter. Simply use this link here and you will automatically get the bonus after your deposit.


Everest Poker Is A Hidden Gem

There are several very good poker rooms out there which are off the beaten track so to speak, but to those in the know, they present some marvelous opportunities to make money.  Everest Poker is one of these sites, a hidden gem so to speak.

So called serious players tend to not be all that aware of poker sites like Everest, and one of the big reasons is that it isn’t heavily promoted to experienced poker players like some poker sites are.  Those who are aware of it tend to not give what they perceive to be second tier poker rooms enough regard.  Their main beef is that these so called lesser lights don’t have the volume of traffic that they feel they need in order to play their many tables at once at a single site.

So what happens is that these players end up missing out on some very high quality poker sites.  On the other hand, it’s much better for us that this remains the case, as we don’t want places like Everest Poker being overrun with too many so called regular players, whose skill level is certainly much higher than the fish that play there now.

The less good players there are, the less people that we as decent to good players ourselves have to share the bad player’s losses with.  I am an expert player myself and I am sometimes asked why I waste my time playing at poker sites like Everest Poker.  I’m proud to be a fisherman of sorts, some people call it a bum hunter, but I’d much rather play against the bums, as I’m sure you would as well when you stop and think of it.  My mother didn’t raise any fools and I’m sure yours didn’t either.


Follow the Bad Beat Trail

It’s always been the case that the poker sites with the worst players have the most bad beat stories to tell.  Many online players have a poor understanding of how often their favored hands should win by virtue of the law of probabilities, and also don’t really understand that the more people that are in a hand, the more likely that one of them will draw out on you.

These players who complain about all of this going on at a particular poker room do tend to be above average players, at least at the poker sites in question.  The real fish don’t complain about things like bad beats because they don’t even know it was a so called bad beat.  In fact they are the recipients of the so called luck that allowed them to win the pots.

So like the good players who stay away, we don’t really want these mediocre whiners at our sites as well, and welcome their being frustrated out of their own confusion with the odds.  If they are losing as favorites more often than they feel they should, that’s fine by us, see you later and that’s more fish money for us.

Everest Poker has one of the biggest reputations for dealing out bad beats out there, which only means to us that the play overall there is particularly bad.  The more bad beats, the looser the play, and the looser the play, the more the good players make, if they have the sense to realize it.  Many don’t.  We do.  Bad beats are a beautiful thing all around.


Is The Shuffle Really Unfair As These Players Think?

Any reputable poker room will have their shuffle independently tested, although it is true that there some out there who only claim to verify it themselves.  I’m sure that they probably can be trusted to verify their own software, but still, it definitely is better to have an independent, trusted third party company do it.

The random number generator used by Everest Poker is regularly tested and verified by Technical Systems Testing, a leader in independent auditing for gaming software.  The TST seal of approval assures all players that their dealing of cards is completely random and fair at all times.

Everest Poker is also a member of the Online Gaming Alliance which is an organization that requires its members to subscribe to the highest ethical standards in online gaming.  They also use the latest technology to ensure that their shuffle is as random as possible, and far more random than shuffling a real deck of cards by the way.  They also employ the latest security software to detect any attempts at cheating by their players, including attempts to collude, and this level of detection is also far beyond what would be possible in a real life poker room.


Most Players Who Play At Everest Poker Aren’t Native English Speakers

This fact may not seem to be a big deal at all, however, while there are some very good players who don’t speak English, this happens to be the overwhelming language of poker instruction.  The skills of poker players in general have skyrocketed over the last few years.

Those of us who played in the early days of internet poker remember when the players at every poker site were so bad it was almost unbelievable.  Then players started learning how to play better and you saw fewer and fewer very loose fish.  This all happened due to all the high quality instruction that emerged, whether that was through poker books, top quality poker forums like 2+2, and especially with online video instruction, where the internet’s top players show you their secrets for only a small monthly fee.

However, almost all of this is in English, so if you don’t understand English, you will miss out here.  There are a lot of players at Everest Poker who don’t understand English, and more importantly, play like they never really learned the game properly.  So this is as close to the old days as you will ever get, and in fact, that’s a big reason why the players are so bad there.

However, if your main language is something other than English, their software supports all the popular languages, so you’ll very likely be able to play in your own language.  This is another reason why Everest is so popular among non-English speakers.


A Welcome Bonus Offer That’s Truly For The People

Just about every online poker room offers new depositors a welcome bonus, generally 100% of your initial deposit up to an extra $500.  This is great if you have $500 to put in to start out with.  However, most new players don’t, and in fact might only have $20 to $50.  So they are only able to qualify for a corresponding bonus amount, of $20, or $50, or whatever.

That’s just been the way it is, and even an extra $20 is a lot better than a kick in the pants.  Few players even dared to ask why they couldn’t shoot for more, and even a lot more bonus money.  Why do smaller depositors get discriminated against?  Well I guess it’s because they are considered by a lot of poker rooms as being lesser value players.

At Everest Poker though, all players matter to them a great deal, including those with only $20 to start out with, and they prove this by making their $500 in bonus money available to everyone, both large and small.  So as long as you have their minimum deposit of $20 to put in, you shoot for the whole bonus amount.  Perhaps this will start a trend toward more fairness toward smaller players, but right now they are the only poker room I know of that does this.

Bonus deals are only as good as the ease that they are released, and all poker bonus offers do require you to play a certain amount to release your bonus money.  Some deals are more stringent than others, however Everest Poker’s bonus money is among the easiest to free up anywhere, adding even more value to their offer.

All first time depositors also get entered into a very nice $2500 freeroll, and since Everest Poker doesn’t get all that many new players in a given timeframe, there aren’t that many players at these freerolls, and that means that your chances of taking home some nice cash are way higher than you see in a normal freeroll.

You will have to enter in a bonus code to be eligible for your $500 in free poker money, and sometimes bonus codes can be complicated and difficult to remember, but Everest Poker has made theirs easy for you.  Just enter in the code “WELCOME” when you sign up there through our link once you’ve finished reading this review.


There’s Not A Ton Of Traffic At Everest Poker, But It’s Of High Quality

Everest Poker certainly isn’t the busiest poker site on the internet, but this isn’t anywhere as big of a factor as many players believe.  If you’re just looking to play one table, whether it be a tournament or cash game, at a certain stake and at a certain form of poker, and a poker site has one good table running at it, then you’re all set.

There are some poker sites out there, quite a few in fact, that may not have a table available at the game you want when you want it.  So in these cases, this poker site may have limited value for you, and the limitation is going to be how often you can’t get in a game when you want, and how many accounts that you are able to comfortably maintain.

For instance, let’s say site A has what you want three quarters of the time, and you also have accounts at site B and site C.  Site A tends to have the most profitable games, site B has the second most profitable ones but has less traffic than site A, and at site C there always is lots of games running but they are a bit tougher.

So you first look to site A and if there is a game there that’s your best option, if not you look at site B, and if there’s still nothing you want there you always can go to site C.  This strategy ensures that you’re always playing at the most profitable site.

So where does Everest Poker fit in here?  Well if you play the smaller stakes, there’s lots of action and it’s also of the most desirable quality, so this site is ideal for you.  If you play the medium stakes, during peak hours you will be all set, although you may find things thin out somewhat on off peak hours, which would be the middle of the night for instance in Europe.  So you can pick other games or stakes, or have a backup site elsewhere to fall back on.

If you play the high stakes, well you have the bankroll to have many accounts, at all the good poker sites, and Everest is definitely one of them.  So you just pick the juiciest tables from among where you have accounts, and Everest Poker is one of the first places you want to look, since what they do have at the higher stakes is definitely among the highest quality in terms of beatability anywhere.

I expect that most of you will be playing the lower stakes, or at least should, so the traffic levels at Everest, while getting a B overall in terms of the amount of players there at any given time, should be more than sufficient.  If you play higher, then you want an account at Everest anyway, to add to your available good options to table select from.


Climb The Mountain To Higher And Higher Rewards

Everest Poker not only wants to gain your business with their great welcome bonus, they also want to keep it, and they do so through their VIP reward program.  So each time you play a raked hand and pay a tournament fee you enter, you collect VIP points, which you can redeem for cash right into your account.

The more you play at Everest Poker, the more reward money you earn.  So they not only pay you to try them out, they continue to pay you as you continue to play there.  Everyone starts out at the base camp VIP level, and as you play more, you get to climb the mountain and look to ascend the 5 other levels of VIP status, with each level climbed entitling you to higher and higher rewards and higher and higher status.


The Games At Everest Poker

There’s plenty of selection as far as the variations of poker that Everest Poker lays out for its players.  Cash games are abundant both in terms of format and stakes, and once again, it’s a particular bonanza for lower stakes players, as there’s both plenty of tables running and the games are very easy to beat compared to most other poker sites.  In fact, the lower stakes cash games at Everest may be the fishiest on the internet period.

So if you are just starting out or haven’t figured out how to beat the games at other sites yet, you are just bleeding money, and bleeding more than you need to.  By starting out or switching to Everest Poker, you can patch up your wounds or not get them in the first place, and be in a much better position to work your way up to where you’re actually making money at playing online poker.  I can’t tell you how important this is, although there are legions of players who have learned this lesson the hard way or perhaps not even at all.

If you like to play tournaments, which most players do, Everest Poker has a fabulous selection of them, and like the cash games, they are much easier to beat than average.  Id you like sit and go tournaments, they have all of the standard variations that you see elsewhere, plus some that you don’t see a lot of places, like the steps format, where for just $2 you can work your way up much bigger payouts than you normally see for this buy in.  If you wish, you can also buy in at a higher step, to give yourself a nice head start on things.

Everest Poker also hosts an abundant number of the ever popular multi table tournament, with events running throughout the day and night.  You can buy in for a little or a lot, and compete for up to $50,000 in prizes.  There’s nothing more exciting than multi table scheduled tournaments, and at Everest Poker, the excitement never stops.

Why Wait To Get Started On All This Fun And Profit?

Now that you know how great this poker room is, the only thing you need to do is click on our link and register your account at Everest, and then just select from among their many convenient deposit options, and you are on your way.  Everest Poker has your $500 in bonus money waiting for you right now, so all you have to do is just go there and claim it.

Everest Poker Bonus Code on October 28, 2014 rated 2.5 of 5