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July 2015 – We no longer recommend playing at Carbon Poker.

– Carbon poker has delayed withdrawal  issues at this time. Consider other poker sites until this is resolved.

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Carbon Poker Is A Long Time Proven Winner

Carbon Poker has been offering online poker to players from all over the world, including those residing in the USA, since 2005.  They hit the ground running when they opened up their poker room and quickly became a hit.  They have not looked back since, and continue to be pretty well regarded by the players who have had the experience of playing online poker with them.

There really isn’t one thing that has stood out in terms of what Carbon Poker has to offer us, they just do a lot of things very well and always has been a very good all around choice.  If you are from the U.S., given the limited selection that you have to choose among, this poker room is particularly well worth a look and a try if you haven’t tried them already.

Carbon Poker just isn’t for Americans though, and many players from a lot of other countries like to hang there as well.  In particular, this poker site is particularly friendly to smaller stake players and those still learning to master the game, as the competition here is among the easiest to beat anywhere.  Those with better skills will appreciate the ease of competition even more.

So let’s have a look at this poker site in more detail, as I describe for you based upon my experience there and the experiences of the players I have recommended it to why this online poker site is one that I suggest everyone at least give a try.

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The Traffic Isn’t Enormous, But It’s Juicy

One of the ways to tell just how soft a poker site may be is to look to see how many people complain about bad beats at a site.  The truth is, just about all poker sites, and all that I recommend, have stringent verification procedures in place by trusted third party companies to ensure that the deal is always fair and random.

However, there are quite a few players who don’t really understand how luck plays out in poker and overestimate the frequency that their good hands should be coming out on top.  When you add in the fact that the more bad players a site has, the more bad hands there will be that the better players will be playing against, you can see how this confusion can expand at softer sites.

It’s always a good thing when players play badly somewhere and let me tell you, Carbon Poker has more than its share of them.  They will win some of the time but will lose more than they win, that’s what makes them losers.  I can tell you from personal experience that you can expect to play against more of these donkeys at Carbon than just about anywhere else.

This is where the source of profit is for profitable players.  So to see players complain about having bad players at a site almost boggles the mind.  This is a situation that you not only do not want to avoid, you want to go out of your way to find.  You will find it here at Carbon Poker.

If a bunch of tight players want to stay away because they think that in their misguided opinion that there are too many bad beats, that’s all the better for us.  These aren’t the players we want at our poker sites anyway.

There isn’t a single poker site around anymore that offers play to Americans that isn’t full of recreational players anyway, so if bad beats tilt you, expect to see this regardless of where you choose to play.  Carbon Poker is particularly famous for this though and the reason is that there is simply an above average percentage of donkeys at their tables.  We would and should not want it any other way.


The Level Of Traffic Shouldn’t Scare You A Bit

If you are from the U.S., the days of being able to play at the mega sites that we used to be able to play at are long gone.  Among the survivors in this game, none really have a ton of traffic, although all of the ones I recommend do have at least a decent amount of traffic, including Carbon Poker.  Decent is all you really need though.

If you are from outside the U.S., you may be wondering whether you should be playing at a mega site instead.  The truth is that there is only one of these sites in existence anymore, and the competition there is fierce to say the least.  A site like this does have its place, but only to the extent that you cannot find action elsewhere at your chosen stake.

So this sort of site has its place, but if you aren’t a very accomplished player who can hold his or her own with world class poker players at the higher stakes.  If you’re from the U.S. well you can’t play at this site anymore anyway, so it doesn’t matter, but even if you could, for the majority of poker players this would be a bad decision anyway.

So this reality has us needing to look at one of the many smaller poker sites out there, like Carbon Poker, and depending on our needs and preferences we may now need to have accounts at several of them.  Lower stakes players can play pretty much anywhere and find plenty of action, but as you move up stakes, you may need to expand your opportunities across several poker sites.

That’s perfectly fine by the way, and it’s even wise, as long as you choose your poker rooms carefully, as you always need to do anyway.  So I don’t know if Carbon Poker will have enough traffic for you to take care of all of your needs in other words, but it really doesn’t matter, as it’s still a place you want to have an account at, or at least try out.

There is plenty of action at Carbon Poker to satisfy most players though, especially at the lower stakes.  If you aren’t a winner yet then these are the stakes you definitely should be playing anyway as you learn the game, unless you enjoy losing more than you should.  Then, as you progress, you will find that this is a perfect place to start moving up, as the softer competition here will allow that to happen more quickly.

Even if you are an excellent player already, or like to play higher stakes, Carbon Poker has some good action for everyone, especially if you enjoy tournaments.  The tournament fields here are particularly weak, and there’s a lot of money that can be made if you really know what you are doing.  If you aren’t that good yet, this is a great place to make your bones.


Carbon Poker’s Very Nice Deposit Bonuses

Carbon Poker is particularly well known for their great bonuses and promotions, and they really do stand out here.  Just looking at their welcome bonus of 200% up to a free $5000 in bonus money announces that pretty convincingly.

I don’t know of very many poker players who don’t love bonus money, and seeing one this great makes me wish that I was a new depositor at Carbon Poker instead of having had an account there for many years now, as they didn’t pay anything like this in the old days when I started with them.

No matter how small or how large a deposit you make, up to a first time deposit of $2500, you will be eligible to earn $2 in bonus money for every $1 you put in, which is definitely pretty nice.  As you play, you get this bonus money put right into your account in nice bite sized chunks of $10 per payout until you have received the entire amount.

The fun doesn’t stop there though, as they also offer regular reload bonuses where you can continue collecting bonus cash just for depositing.  While these reload bonuses aren’t quite as nice as the initial 200% deal, getting 100% or doubling your deposit is still a very nice payday just for remaining loyal to them.

When you figure that most poker sites just offer you a 100% match, and generally only offer a deal even that generous one time in your life, and Carbon Poker offers you this on an ongoing basis, you can see that Carbon Poker really wants to not only win your business but keep it, and they do a fabulous job of it at that, to our benefit.

Carbon Online Poker Series


Promotions At Carbon Poker

The lineup of promotions at Carbon Poker at any given time is very impressive indeed, and clearly shows the very strong level of dedication that they have to customer satisfaction.  In looking at Carbon’s extensive promotions, it’s hard to believe that a poker site of such a modest size is able to do all of this for us, but they do and in fact as time has gone on it’s only gotten better and more generous.

Carbon Poker regularly offers up a huge amount of money to look to make their players happy.  As players, this is something that we love to see anyway, but when all this money is spread across a relatively small player base, then it’s even more impressive.

What I’m saying here is that the value of these promotions are entirely dependent on how many players they are aimed at.   So if a poker site for instance is giving away a certain amount, like a hundred thousand dollars in a month, but it’s a very big site, the likelihood of you or I getting that much may not be that great.

On the other hand, if it’s a smaller and cozier poker site like Carbon Poker is, that’s a different story altogether.  They are giving back a lot higher percentage of their profits in this case, which ends up translating to more money for each of us from these deals.  So you can see why it’s not just how much money a poker site gives away that matters.

A big part of the philosophy of Carbon Poker is to do all they can to ensure that their players want to stay, and a big part of this plan is to offer very generous bonuses and promotions.  The list of ongoing promotions at Carbon Poker is very impressive both in number and size.  They know this is what we want and they surely do that very well.

They offer lucrative leader-board promotions for cash players, sit and go players, and even have a separate one for heads up sit and go lovers.  They also allow not just one or two categories of stakes, but several, and also break these up by different game speeds, to ensure everyone has a fair shot at the money.  Their leader-board promotions are in fact the best run in the world.

There’s much more to be had though, including their nice refer a friend bonus, where you can get $50 of free poker money deposited right into your poker account per friend referred.  All your friends need to do is make their first deposit and you rake in 25% commission of what they put in, up to $50 per friend.  There’s no limit to how many people you can refer or how much money you can make on this deal.

Frequent players can also earn a free membership at Drag The Bar, a top poker video training site, which normally costs $30 a month, but if you play regularly enough at Carbon, they will purchase this membership for you.  Best of all, all you need to do is earn 5000 VIP points a month to get this, which isn’t really all that much.  They want to make this deal accessible to everyday players and not just the big time ones, and they do.

There’s even more to be had in terms of Carbon’s promotions, and although they do change things up often for variety’s sake, you can rest assured that overall their promotions are and will remain world class all the way.


Other Features Of Carbon Poker

After Black Friday, they actually stopped taking new American players for a few months while they looked to figure things out more.  Carbon Poker did not want people messing with their money and weren’t going to proceed further unless they could be assured this would not happen, even though they are a lot smaller operation than these big sites and therefore the risk was pretty small anyway.

It wasn’t long before they were back to welcoming U.S. players with open arms and were completely confident that they were able to do so without any risk to themselves or their players.  Time has proven this out as well as they have met the challenges here and there have been no issues at all.

Of course if you are from the United States you aren’t able to move money in and out of any poker site as quickly as people from other countries can, and it does take longer to make withdrawals as it does anywhere these days, but Carbon Poker has done a good job of making things as easy as they can for you.  They will even provide you personal one on one help with this any time you wish.

The software here is fairly good, for me I’m just looking for something that you can play on easily and they definitely have that.  I don’t know many players with any experience at all who care too much about software other than being player friendly, it might be fun for a little while to be impressed with flashy software but this wears off quickly and in the end you just want something functional.

You can even play poker on the go on your phone thanks to their nice mobile app.  A lot of people these days don’t even have a home computer anymore, and poker sites are recognizing more and more the importance of offering mobile poker.  Carbon Poker is all over this.

Carbon Poker also offers some unique features with their poker software such as seeing how the hand would have played out if dealt a second time.  This really isn’t a big deal but it shows how hard they work to stand out from the crowd.

Customer service is very good here, as you might expect from a place with such a high regard for player satisfaction.  I’ve never had any issues and perhaps even better there really isn’t much of a need for help here since everything runs so smoothly.

Carbon Poker Mobile


Just Give Them A Try

I always have realized that my readers need to make up their own minds about a poker site and that’s exactly what you should do.  That’s all Carbon Poker wants you to do as well.  There’s a very nice bonus waiting for you right now for those of you who have never deposited at Carbon before.

This is a very good all around poker site and I want you to see this all for yourselves, and I especially want you to get paid to do it.  I know you want this too.  Just click on the link I have for you and I’m sure you’re going to really like playing there.

Carbon Poker Promo Code on May 8, 2015 rated 3.7 of 5