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Bwin Poker Review


Top Rated Sportsbook Also Offers An Exceptional Poker Experience

Bet To Win, which later become shortened to Bwin, has been offering online gaming since 1997, making them one of the first companies to do so.  So their experience is really second to none, and their sheer size, with over a million sports bettors, is testimony to their success in taking care of players and keeping them happy.

In the sports betting business, there is little to separate competing sports books, as the odds are all pretty similar, so it really comes down to what level of service a company is able to offer its players.  Bwin Poker puts the same dedication and passion into their poker room as they do with their sports betting operation.

They also have recently merged with Party Poker, bringing together two of the most successful online gaming operations of all time into one very large company trading on the London Stock Exchange.  It certainly is a benefit to have your poker account at a publicly run company where everything is totally above board.


If You Like To Play Against Non Poker Players, This Is The Place

Most poker rooms are comprised of players whose main game is poker, of varying levels of skill.  Some poker rooms have a small percentage of players who have migrated over from other types of gambling that either they or other poker rooms on their network may have brought over.  As a general rule, these non poker specialists as we could call them tend to be fishier than your normal poker player.

These players don’t really spend hours watching training videos like a lot of poker players do, and tend to be less familiar with sound poker strategy than your average player.  They are looking for a diversion from their main game, for instance betting on sports or betting at an online casino.  They also tend to crave the action and therefore tend to be looser players, like the kind we used to see a lot of several years ago.

So if you long for those days when many players would play all sorts of garbage hands and chase them too far, these non poker specialists are the players that you want to play against.  Since Bwin is one of the largest online betting operations, and also have a fairly large online casino, the ratio of non poker players to poker specialists is the best in the industry.

They don’t even bother promoting their poker room to the poker world, as they have plenty of people to draw from already from within their own operation.  This is an ideal situation for us and is by far the biggest appeal of Bwin Poker.


Bwin Poker Traffic Levels

In terms of the traffic, Bwin Poker is the premiere poker room on the Ongame Network, a collection of several poker rooms mostly specializing in sports betting but offering poker on the side.  So these other poker rooms both offer more traffic and traffic of a very high quality in terms of fishiness as well.

Ongame has been around for a number of years and has always offered some of the fishiest action around.  The addition of Bwin Poker a few years ago was a big boost for them and this brought them into the major leagues so to speak, and Ongame is now among the top 5 busiest poker rooms in the world, with plenty of action at any time of the day or night.

I can’t even count how many struggling students I’ve sent to this network, and Bwin in particular, and then saw this move alone turn their games around where they stopped losing and started making money.  If you are struggling as well, where you play can make all the difference.  If you’re a winning player, you will make even more playing against weaker players.  Bwin Poker is definitely one of the easiest poker rooms around to make money at.


Bwin Poker Welcome Bonuses And Bonus Codes

Like all poker rooms these days, Bwin Poker offers a welcome bonus to players who have never had an account there before.  Their bonus is pretty standard, 100% up to an additional $500, and while there are certainly higher bonus amounts out there, it really isn’t a matter of comparing them.

So while you may or may not want to try out other poker rooms, this has nothing to do with wanting to try out Bwin Poker’s deal, as it’s not a matter of choosing one deal over another, as you can choose as many as you like.  The quality of this poker room combined with the very soft competition there is really what this decision is all about, although doubling your initial deposit up to $500 is definitely a nice bonus.

Your bonus money is released as you play there, which is the case with all poker bonus deals, although some do make it more difficult to cash in than others.  Bwin’s bonus is both simple and easier than most to collect.  For each 100 bonus points you collect, you get $10 released to you, until you’ve released it all.

There’s no need to remember or enter a bonus code to be eligible to receive this offer, as all you have to do is visit Bwin Poker through our link and you will automatically receive it.  In addition, we’ve arranged for you to receive a total of 10 free entries into their Rookie Tournaments, and you don’t’ even have to make a deposit to receive these.

So even if you’re not ready to deposit right now, be sure to click on our link to Bwin Poker anyway to grab your free tournament tickets while this deal lasts.  Of course, you’re going to want to dig deep in order to make your first deposit right now if you can, to see them double it with the free money they will be giving you.

VIP Program

Bwin’s Reward Program

Your welcome bonus is just the start at Bwin Poker, as once you cash that in, they look to further reward you for your play there.  Every raked hand you pla at Bwin Poker and every tournament entry you pay gets you Market Points.  Once you are ready, you can trade these points in for merchandise, free tournament entries, or even cash.

Cash is my personal favorite, and a lot of poker sites don’t let you redeem your points for it, so I always like to see that a poker room does, as this makes sure that everyone is completely satisfied.  They also have some great deals on merchandise though which is available at a better deal than you could buy it yourself, so these are at least worth checking out.  If you like to play tournaments, that might be what you choose instead.  It’s all up to you how you spend your Market Points.

Bwin even starts you out with 1000 market points, which you get even before you play your first hand there, as a further nice way of welcoming you to their poker room.  You also qualify for additional free Market Point gifts each month, over and above what you have collected.  The more consecutive months you play, the higher and higher the amount.

As I’ve said, Bwin are the experts in player retention, so you can bet that their loyalty program is set up to succeed, and it is definitely one of the best reward programs out there in the business.  It’s just one of many good reasons to check out their top rated poker room.


Bwin Poker Promotions

The quality of their promotions has always been important to the folks at Bwin Poker, and they always look to offer events that both are appealing and profitable to their players.  There may not be as many promotions running at Bwin as at some other poker sites, but what they do have at Bwin is of a pretty high quality.

Down on your luck or playing with a small bankroll and looking for a nice boost?  Bwin’s Low Rider promotion is for you.  Entry  to this daily tournament will only cost you a total of 10 + 1 cents, and Bwin takes all of the entry money and adds $1000 of their own to make this a super good deal for you.  If you do well here you can indeed get that shot that you need and are looking for.

Bwin also features some very valuable monthly freerolls with prize pools ranging from $1000 for the flyweight class to $10,000 for the heavyweight class.  There are 6 different classes and depending on how many market points you’ve collected in the month, you get put into a particular one.

These aren’t your average freerolls by any means, as the fields are a lot smaller than normal freerolls and the chances of winning some real meaningful cash are a lot bigger.  They also have two daily $1000 freerolls where everyone is eligible to enter.

If you like sit and go tournaments, Bwin offers the Lucky Dollar series, where you look to climb the leader board and be eligible for up to $1,500 in extra cash.  They also have their Joker series of sit and go’s, which is a twist on them and pays out 1st, 5th, and 9th places.  If you think this makes for crazy action, you are absolutely right.

The company that owns Bwin also owns the World Poker Tour, so if you’ve ever dreamed of playing in a WPT event, Bwin is definitely the place to win your seat.  They regularly offer full packages including your entry fee and plenty of expense money.  There are qualifiers to suit everyone’s budget to make sure that all of their players get a shot at the glory.

Bwin Is Truly A One Stop Online Gambling Site

If you like to bet on sports or would like to, Bwin’s sports book has long been considered one of the very best in the business, and the great thing is that you can both play poker and bet on sports from the same account.  If you do both and do it at separate sites, you need to split your bankroll, and this has you betting smaller on sports than you normally would and also playing smaller stakes at poker than you would like.  Having access to both from the same account is therefore a big advantage.

Bwin also offers casino games for those who enjoy the excitement of that.  I’ve never been a big fan of casino games myself but I know that many poker players are.  If you prefer games of skill as I do, Bwin offers several, from backgammon to checkers to other forms such as Yatzy, a variation of the popular dice game.  There is definitely a lot to bet on at Bwin, and you’ll never be bored, that’s for sure.


Bwin Poker Software And Customer Service

With all the money behind their operation, it’s no surprise that Bwin’s poker software is top notch.  They even have an iPhone app so you can always get in on the action no matter where you are.  Not many poker rooms offer this yet and once again Bwin is at the head of the class.

Bwin’s award winning customer support is ready at any time of the day or night to make sure that your experience with them is the best they can make it.  Their experience and dedication in this area really stands out.

Bwin Poker Deposit And Withdrawal Options

One of the things that really annoy me about some poker sites is the difficulty that you have figuring out the methods and the conditions of getting money in and out of their poker site.  Some sites don’t even tell you what you can use to withdraw, and many players find out later, after it’s too late, that there’s no good options for them.

So I absolutely love the way that Bwin Poker does it, as they have a special page with a drop down menu where all you have to do is select the country that you live in and it instantly tells you everything you need to know.  They also have a wide selection of options to ensure that everyone can find a method of both depositing and withdrawing that really suits them.


My Recommendation

As you can see, there are a lot of things to like about Bwin Poker, and it’s easy to see why this poker room is among my all time favorites.  If you haven’t tried them out before, you owe it to yourself to do so.

This is simply an outstanding poker room overall and given that they are essentially paying to try them out, I can’t think of any reason why everyone should not do so.  Just click on our link and you are on your way!

Bwin Poker on March 27, 2014 rated 1.5 of 5