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Black Chip Poker Review

Everyone Welcome at Black Chip Poker

Back when online poker was much newer than it is today, it was unheard of for poker sites to restrict access to players no matter what country you were from.  As the years went by, this changed, particularly to players from the United States, due to pressure from the government.

As of late this has expanded into other countries as well, and nowadays players from many countries have to do research to find out which poker sites do and do not allow them to play there.

Fortunately, not all online poker sites are so easily pushed around, and some have continued to welcome players from all countries with open arms.  If not, a lot of players would have simply have been left out in the cold, but luckily just about everyone can find an online poker room that will accept them, thanks to sites that have the courage to run their poker companies as they see fit.

Black Chip Poker is one of these sites, and have been around since 2008, and were actually created after the U.S. UIGEA legislation that sought to restrict payment processors from dealing with the proceeds of online gambling.

So this is a lot like people running out of a building when a fire breaks out and firemen running in, someone needs to do this job, and while other poker sites were fleeing, poker sites like Black Chip Poker rushed in to help take care of those who were being abandoned.

It used to be that only players from a very few countries such as the United States were affected by this sort of bullying, but we’re seeing more and more countries being blacklisted by poker sites in recent times.  Black Chip Poker believes we should all have the freedom to play our beloved game, and continues to stand behind us.

You don’t have to live in an area with restricted access though to want to play at Black Chip Poker, and in fact many of their players, almost half in fact, live in countries where players can play wherever they want and they have selected Black Chip Poker as their chosen site anyway.

So no matter where you live, this poker site does merit your consideration, although you can’t just go by what other people are doing and you do need reasons to want to try them out, but there are many, as you will discover as you read on.

Trying Out A Poker Site Shouldn’t Be A Difficult Decision

Let me start by telling you that you don’t want to make the mistake that a lot of poker players make, and that’s to make decisions whether to try out poker sites harder than it is.  They often see themselves as needing to decide what the best poker site may be for them and try to do this without even experiencing the sites.

So this may involve a lot more deliberation than is needed and while choosing the best online poker sites for you is indeed pretty important, it shouldn’t be like looking to choose a marriage partner from an online site without actually meeting the people.

What people do instead in this situation is to select some profiles they like and then check them out further, and that’s really the best approach to poker sites as well.  So you read a review like this for instance and decide, well this place is worth checking out, and they are paying you a nice bonus to do it, so when you have both of these in place it should not be a difficult decision at all.  After you’ve tried them out, after you’ve dated them in other words, you can decide for yourself the level of commitment you want to make from there.

Having said that though, Black Chip Poker is a poker site that a lot of players want to have a long term relationship with, and this is due to the fact that this really is a very well run poker site, and they just do so many things well and have so many things going for them.

I’ve been judging poker companies since online poker started and it’s not hard to tell the difference between a company centric site and a player centric one, and the more player centric a site is the better, and Black Chip Poker is definitely player centric.

We All Like To Get Paid

A perfect example of this is the way they have approached the problem of timely player withdrawals, especially with players from the USA.  This has been a huge challenge for poker rooms and it is certainly true that a lot of poker sites don’t take this issue seriously enough, much to the frustration of their players.

So this can range from pretty decent to just plain terrible at the worst sites, and you get the feeling that a lot of poker sites just don’t get how important this is to players, even after their disenchantment causes them to take their business elsewhere.

Black Chip Poker, on the other hand, has worked extremely hard on this and are widely regarded as having the fastest withdrawals around, which has played a big role in their attracting business.

All players can receive a free check in the mail once a month, but not all players want to wait for that, so they also have other options which do cost Black Chip money so this gets passed on to players, which only makes sense, but this also allows for some very quick withdrawals to any country, including the United States, for those who prefer this and don’t mind paying extra to get it.

So Black Chip, in addition to the usual e wallet withdrawal options, and checks, also offers Western Union withdrawals, and for a small monthly fee players can even get their withdrawals put on a prepaid Visa, which is the ultimate in speed and convenience.

The banking options here in general are superior, and some people complain that some of the options do involve fees but Black Chip does provide free options as well but also takes good care of players whose needs demand more timely solutions.

What About The Action Here?

Black Chip Poker originally started out on the Merge Network, but things there ended up changing in a way that wasn’t to their liking, so back in 2012 they switched over to the Winning Poker Network, which they felt were more in tune with their needs and especially the needs of their players.  A lot of this had to do with the cashier on Merge actually, and the new network gave them more freedom here to tailor it better to their players’ needs.

The traffic on this network is pretty modest although it’s still pretty decent as far as online poker rooms go, there are certainly poker rooms with less traffic, although lots of traffic isn’t this poker room’s strong suit by any means.

There are benefits to that though, and the big one is that serious players steer well clear of poker sites like this, and while there still are some pretty good players that play at Black Chip, there are far fewer of them than you see at the bigger poker rooms, which is what we like to see.

To give you an idea of the size of the traffic, they do have more than the largest sites in New Jersey, although not a lot more, and players in New Jersey certainly don’t have any problems getting all the action they want.  This isn’t a poker site that you can do much multi-tabling at, but on the other hand this keeps the multi-tablers away.

Black Chip does offer a good selection of cash games, sit and go tournaments, and multi table tournaments, and are particularly known for their juicy tournaments in fact, of a lot larger variety than you’d expect with a site this size.  Overall the game selection is pretty adequate for most players.

Black Chip Poker’s Enticements

New players get welcomed with a 100% match of their first deposit here, which gets released to you each time you accumulate 27.5 player points, which pays out a dollar.  Poker sites typically pay out bonuses in much larger chunks, but Black Chip wants this bonus money in your hand as soon as possible.

Black Chip Poker also runs a lot of promotions, and they start you with a free seat at a New Depositor freeroll, and at a site of this size this means your chances are all the higher.  They also offer not only quite a few freerolls but on demand ones as well where the tournament starts when the seats fill up.

Their sit and go promotions are particularly nice here, and they also offer a lot of regularly scheduled tournaments, including their weekly $50K guaranteed and occasionally even bigger ones.

Their frequent player reward program not only pays out points that can be redeemed for poker cash, they also pay out additional points which can be cashed in for tournament tickets and merchandise.

These are just some of the things they offer here and they do put the effort and the money into making their players happy and it is quite effective as well.

My Recommendation

As I’ve said, this is simply a very well run poker site and they are a pleasure to deal with.  Customer service can often be lacking at some of the other U.S. friendly sites but here it is top notch, you can even chat live with them before you ever sign up.  Their people are both friendly and helpful, and they want to make your experience with them a truly positive one.

The software here used to be pretty mundane but they have recently made some major upgrades to it and it is now fully up to standard and better than most in fact.  It has a nice layout and now has all the bells and whistles players like.

For those who like sports betting, Black Chip Poker also provides their players access to a world class sports betting operation powered by BetCRIS, and players can easily transfer funds between their poker and sports betting accounts.

If you’ve never checked out this poker site before, there’s lots of good reasons to do so, and I encourage you to click on our link to them and see for yourself why I think this is well worthy of your trying out.

Black Chip Poker Bonus Code on July 22, 2015 rated 3.8 of 5